Order of the (memory) stick

A priest in Ireland accidentally showed first confession kids gay porn at a meeting.

I’m laughing at this, but it also makes me angry. He leaves the room, then comes in later and tells them that they should give some of their gift money to the fucking church? And of course he has NO idea how those photos got on that stick. :rolleyes:

Serious question, someone educate me:

As fas as the Catholic Church is concerned, if you are a priest, is:

  • Wanking ok
  • Wanking to porn ok
  • Wanking to gay porn ok

Well all I can say is at least he didn’t fuck any of the kids. He’s got that going for him.

That we know of. Yet.

penis ensues

I believe the answers are no, no, and oh *HELL *no. But I don’t feel like having “Catholic church masturbation” on my search history on my work machine. (So I’ll just post those words instead! :D)

At least he’s doing all he can to find the real porn wankers.

You gotta admit though, if somebody else put them on there it’d be a pretty awesome/heinous practical joke. I don’t think that can ruled out.

I saw this thread title right after I’d been lurking at Giant in the Playground. Gave me a start or two.