THAT'LL teach you to have sex in church

The Pope may be old, but he’s still got it.

Man, you don’t want to get Jesus mad at you!

Hmm … I wonder what “Death the Destroyer of Worlds” thought when he picked up that guy? :wink:

When I was first opening this, I thought, “Didn’t they learn from that O&A couple?”

False advertising! Despite the title of the thread, nothing in the OP taught me to have sex in church.

Agreed… If anything, the OP has taught me not to have sex in church…

Did the O&A show get cancelled because of this?

Well, after all, the guy did shout;

“Oh God, I’m coming!”

The Old Man Upstairs just took him at his word.
PS: O&A got fired.

Sometimes smiting takes time…

Another good reason to avoid churches like the plague!

Sex in church makes the baby Jesus.

I thought an active and varied sex life was good for the heart.

I can’t believe nobody has made a missionary position joke…

Note to self, never, ever say this again while having sex. I am too young to die.

Thanks Zenster, the life you just saved may have been mine.

Well, I couldn’t really teach you about having sex in church. I’m not a priest.

How about, “Fun’s fun but playtime’s over.”

[Family Guy quote]
POPE: You make-a the pope look silly, you pay for that (looks up)
Smite them!!

Long pause

POPE: He’s a-cooking something up…
[/Family Guy quote]


Three years ago, I worked at a summer camp that was based out of a church. One night when I was on closing duties, my girlfriend came to pick me up, and I ended up


taking her while she held the pulpit for support.

I still haven’t decided whether I regret it. I haven’t been smoten yet, though. Maybe the big man approves.

Well, what denomination was the church? If it was Baptist, you were practically duplicating the liturgy.

…if it was a Baptist Church, what you were doing standing up might have looked too much like dancing.

And that would be a SERIOUS offence.

Stick to the lying down sex in church please.

Redboss (ex-Baptist, and proud of it)