Court rules in favor of Dry Cleaners in $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

So the courts need an aggressive program to collect on debts. I’m sure the judge has real property that can be siezed and sold at auction if he doesn’t pay up.
To me the reform that is needed is the ability to have a case like this dismissed much quicker. This whole thing should have taken about a hour. As long as people with legitimate claims, like the old woman burned by McDonald’s coffee, can get their day(s) in court, I would have no problem with some sort of ‘quick review’ of a suit with the possibility of a complete dismissal.

how did that guy get through law school let alone become a judge?

i am wondering if an alj must be a law school graduate and if this guy is a member of the bar. i know that the code of conduct for attorneys and judges would seem to preclude acting in bad faith in a legal matter like this.

I thought perhaps he got his law degree from clown college, but according to Wikipedia, he got it from Northwestern University, which is actually a respectable law school. Wikipedia also notes that his biography was removed from the website of the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings and he’s no longer hearing cases, so even his employer recognizes that he’s an embarrassment to the legal profession.

According to a local news report I heard last night, the Chungs’ legal bills were well over $100,000. With a small business, that’s a ridiculously high legal bill to have to pay to defend against a totally crap lawsuit. Frankly, I hope they take Pearson to the cleaners <pun intended> to get recompensed for all the money they’re out; that high a legal bill for a small business could easily have bankrupted them. I’m actually rather impressed that they managed to hang on through it all.

From what I’ve read, he graduated from a pretty respectable law school, and spent more than 20 years working as an attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services which represents the poor. Coming into the this, he had a decent resume and would have been kept on at this job even with the questionable behavior in the divorce proceedings. It also appears that he was good at it as well.

It sounds like his life fell apart around the time that he got divorced and he’s never really been the same. It also appears that he has not assets. He doesn’t own the house that he lives in, and he doesn’t own a car. There may be nothing that the courts and the attorneys can go after.

The articles I’ve read also show that he found a loophole and an area in the law that wasn’t clearly defined, and was able to exploit it. This is why the case made it to trial. Most really bullshit claims are thrown out long before that time.

From CNN

Did Pearson really just take it upon himself to start what is in effect a class-action suit, with himself as the only recipient of any award?

No. He did try to get it certified as a class-action, but didn’t make that hurdle, from what I recall from earlier Washington Post articles.