Courtney Love Arrested, Released & Then Overdosed?

Singer-actress Courtney Love was arrested for allegedly being under the influence of a narcotic after police responded to a burglary call, and was taken to a treatment center.

Love, 39, was found early Thursday outside a Los Angeles home where she had allegedly broken the windows in an attempt to enter, police spokesman Don Cox said. She was arrested and booked for investigation of using illegal drugs, posted $2,500 bail and was released.

Hours later, police and paramedics in Beverly Hills responded to an emergency call and took a woman to a hospital for treatment, according to a story in Friday’s editions of the Los Angeles Times.

Law enforcement sources told the newspaper that the woman was Love and that she had overdosed. It was not immediately known what her condition was.

This chick is OUT OF CONTROL!!!

Poor Frances Bean. :frowning:

She’s my favorite train wreck. Hell, it just tickles me that she got in Madonna’s face at that one awards show. For me, her life has been worth while just for that bit of silliness.

Admittedly, she’s got no business f**king up with a child to think of.

She’d be much better off if her mother ends up offing herself before all of Kurts money is gone.
You know, I could forgive her for having Cobain whacked. I mean, she probably couldn’t take his whining day after day. She didn’t have to go and have El Duce killed though. :mad:


Sounds like another case involving dangerous quantities of spare time.

Francis Bean’s godmother is Drew Barrymore. She’ll end up in good(?) hands if things go horribly wrong.

Whoa, and I like Drew…but yes, that thought does frighten me.

I feel a bit sorry for Courtney Love actually. She cleaned up her act good a few years ago, did some good acting and stuff - but now it seems she’s fallen off the wagon (hard) again.

A shame. She was really good in that Larry Flynt movie.

Not to mention dangerous amounts of spare money.


She did a good job portraying a skanked-out junkie. I’m not convinced she was acting.

Here and here

I didn’t say I belived it, but you can’t rule it out either. Besides, its more fun to at least pretend its true :smiley:

It IS a great rock and roll conspiricy theory, and a whole hell of a lot more believeable than, say, Jim Morrison’s legend.