Covering bruised eyes from crying?

So apparently last night I cried hard enough that I bruised my eyelids. :confused: I have purple dots all over them.

I have green concealer, Urban Decay primer and fleshtone concealer. None of those work. It’s 100 degrees out today and I don’t want heavy eye makep on but have a date (that I could care less about, honestly). Lady Dopers, any ideas?

This has never happened to me before. It looks like I have hickeys on my eyelids.


I tend to get tiny red spotches on my eyelids and eye area from sobbing really hard. Most concealers seem to cover it okay. You might want a heavier, oil-based concealer. Set the concealer with powder before you apply eye shadow and such.

Edit to add - if the green concealer doesn’t work that well, try a yellow base. Green is to block red; yellow is for bluish (like undereye circles). Maybe you need a little of both. :smiley:

It’s not what you asked, but is it really a good idea to go on a date if you have something to cry about that hard?

Lisa- that’s what worked the best so far, but the bruises go outside of my general eyeshadow line. So using a light shadow over the concealers only hides part of it. Weirdly enough, my eyes aren’t puffy at all.

RNATB- If I stay home, I’m afraid I’ll feel worse.

Physician’s Formula yellow concealer stick, plus Revlon ColorStay powder should do the trick! (Both to be found at Wal-Mart.) This works for the dark circles from little sleep or from allergies acting up too. This stuff is made for undereye use, and probably will work for eyelid use too.

I just today picked up Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer. It is ex-pen-sive ($32 at Sephora!) but definitely is heavy coverage and they say it’s waterproof. Also from MUFE, cheaper ($22 at Sephora) and can be layered up to medium coverage, their Lift Concealer might be good for you as well.

I recently pulled half my hair out in clumps while curled in a fetal position in my shower. Can someone recommend a stylish hat suitable for a formal occasion (a charity auction; I’m being “auctioned off” for a date, with the money going to aid harelipped war orphans) and something that will take green mildew stains off skin but is gentle enough to use on your face? TIA.

Urban Decay Primer? That sounds like what professional graffiti artists in the hood use!

Seriously. Something related to eyeshadow is called that?

Guess all the cool names were taken.

Was that really necessary?

Urban Decay is a brand that makes edgy kind of make up. Primer is a type of make up that you put on underneath other make up, like paint primer.


Okay, thanks for that info…well color me ( or my eyelids?) slightly amazed.

At least this thread wasn’t related to some sorta domestic violence thing, which is why I read it. I generally don’t cruise the dope looking for eyeshadow advice :slight_smile:

No makeup advice, just hoping it was a good cry. The healing kind, I mean.

Nope. Funny tho…

I don’t think I have enough time to run to Sephora now. I was actually at the stupid mall to pick up a bright t shirt to cheer myself up and was so moody I forgot a Sephora was right there. :smack:

My date is at 7 and the sun will only be out for an hour or so after that. So my plan is to wear sunglasses.


I really do look ridiculous. Headed to Sephora tomorrow though to check it out. It looks like they have a ton of shade options. I have no problems spending money on good makeup if it works. Plus I have freckles to battle. In fact, I have these freckles on the top of my mouth that make me look like I have a mustache if I even get a speck of sun. Well, I think so.

I guess if he notices, I can say I ran into a doorknob. :smiley:

It’s okay if you do. We’re very accepting here.

Or ask one of the clerks at Sephora to help/suggest something, but that’s the best coverage option I can think of. Everything has testers, so you can check for coverage and feel.

And yeah, Urban Decay is an “edgy” makeup line, but it doesn’t test on animals and their De-Slick in a Tube is awesome for shine control. (I’m slightly embarrassed at having the purple tube with silver dagger/stars/butterflies decoration on it, though.)

Plus they’ll take returns if the product doesn’t work. That’s the plus side of buying expensive makeup.

It got really good reviews, so I’ll give it a whirl. And maybe get rid of my freckle-stache.

So how did the date go? Why were you crying so hard?

Inquiring minds want to know!