Cowboy Tuna?

What’s with the ‘tuna’ signs at Dallas Cowboys games?

Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells’s nickname is “The Tuna.”

(I probably screwed that apostrophe up.)

Nitpick, but I think his nickname is “The Big Tuna.”

Good catch. Seeing as how I dislike both the man and the team, I didn’t really pay that much attention to it.

Why is he called ‘The Big Tuna’? Does he look like a fish?

A link to a “Sign Up” to gain access to information is a DUD, in my opinion.Another log-in to keep track of and most likely never use again.

QUOTE: “Players who hate Parcells came up with the idea. Tuna is “A Nut” spelled backward. He still doesn’t get it.”

The story isn’t that interesting. In his earlier career as an assistant coach, Parcells was running a drill and thought the players weren’t paying attention. He yelled, “Who do you think this is talking to you? Charlie the Tuna?” (a character from Starkist commercials). There’s no explaining how nicknames catch on, but that one did, and he’s been The Tuna ever since.