Craig Ferguson's experiment tonight(Stephen Fry)

Craig is interviewing Stephen Fry for the entire hour tonight, with no audience.

I have to admit, it sounds like a good experiment and Fry is a good choice for a guest, since he is fun to talk to.

Check it out, folks!

Ooh thanks for announcing this, Mahaloth! I love Fry and agree he’d make a good one-on-one interview. I don’t watch Craig’s show – is there a reason he’s using this format? Is it a specific choice for Fry, or is this something he’s wanted to do and just chose Fry because he’d be a great subject for this type of interview?

According to Twitter, he woke up on Sunday and said “I have this great idea that the Producers will hate me for!”.

Oh, wow, I may have to stay up late for this one.

Sweet, thanks for the head up. Stephen Fry is my gay British crush. (My not-gay British crush is Charlie Brooker, for those keeping track.)

Who’s your gay not-British crush? And your not-gay not-British crush? Those of us playing at home still have a couple of holes on our scorecards.

Oh I get it! I just found out that my Scottish-American straight crush will be interviewing my gay British crush!! Holy majoley!!!
If ya’ll hear a loud explosion tonight, it will be my ovaries EXPLODING! :wink:

Huh - I had no idea Stephen Fry was gay. I don’t claim to have very good gaydar, but it’s totally worthless when it comes to non-Americans. I’ve not seen any of his shows, except for the Stephen Fry in America - and he came across as one of the most interesting people I’ve seen. I’ll definitely tune in (or record it).

That would be Quite Interesting.

Many thanks for the heads up; I’ve worn out two copies of The Hippopotamus and the series 3 DVD of Blackadder’s on it’s last legs/groove/golden comedy breasts.

Ha! The man just does a little of everything, doesn’t he?

Stephen Fry is the person I would choose to watch read the dictionary. If he’s in it, I watch it. I’m totally downloading this tomorrow.

You should be able to watch it on Youtube tomorrow fairly easily, though I am not sure of the legality of this.

By the way, this is not all that different than Tom Snyder’s Late Late Show from a few years ago.

Wake up to Stephen!

Wow. What a coincidence.

I just set my DVR to record this, as I’m getting droopy-eyed trying to finish the hockey game and don’t think I’ll make it all the way through. Then I saw this thread.

So I guess I’ll watch it tomorrow! Thanks for the heads-up anyway!

Cool. Gordon Gordon Wyatt from Bones.

Are we sure he’s gay and not just British?

Not only gay, but Jewish, bipolar (all right, “bipolar lite”), and he’s got a rapsheet (did 3 mo for credit card fraud as a teenager).

Tuned to the Fry-up now. What a delightful, erudite character.

This is really, really good. I hope Ferguson does more of these. Preferably with subjects that are as awesome as Stephen Fry is.