Craig Ferguson's 1,000th show

Did anyone else catch Ferguson’s 1,000th show last night? He did the entire thing (except for the guests) as puppets, with Wavey as the host. Even Aquaman and Sean Connery were puppets.

The idea worked unevenly, I thought, but was frequently hilarious. I have to hand it to him, rather than bringing on some bigshot guests to bloviate about how great the show is, or wallowing in greatest-hits clips, he went in a totally different direction.

The opening musical number was a gas, with all of his usual participants playing parts, and with Craig NOT the center of it, in fact not even in it; and it was sweet at the end to have everyone gathered around his desk (with Craig as Prince Charles) for the finale. It was also classy of him, I thought, to give credit to everyone involved in pulling this show together, and in the way he did it.

Oh, and speaking of the desk reminds me: Does the pedestal with the desk and guest chairs sit on a separate part of the stage for the whole show, or does it get swung into and out of position? Does anyone know?

Didn’t Conan recreate a whole show with puppets once?

The desk is on a mobile platform that is removed for the monolog and then rolled into place.

I don’t watch Conan, even to click into his monologue for a couple of minutes once in a great while, so I couldn’t say whether he’s ever done a puppetized show; it wouldn’t surprise me, though.

Thanks for the confirmation on the desk platform; I’d thought it must be so but wasn’t sure.

Here is the musical opening: Honky Tonk Badonka Donk. :smiley:

Get it while you can - CBS doesn’t leave stuff up very long.

Conan did a claymation episode a few years back. And it was just a claymation version of an old episode that had already aired.

I missed Craig’s 1000th. Sounds great.

You missed it? Bummer! But you can watch that show at CBS’s Late Late Show site – at least the opening, the monologue, and the close.


Glad to help! By the way, when I tried to play the closing segment at the link I gave you, the darn thing wouldn’t play for me! But I was able to re-watch it at CBS’s YouTube page. Even better the second time around!

I just wish there were a link up for all the segments, like the Dracula one.

Craig Ferguson is the only late night host I can stand watching nowadays. You bet I saw his 1000th show. May he have thousands more.

Hear, hear! My sentiments exactly.

We DVR them every night, so we pulled this one out and watched it. It was, well, okay. We’re off searching for Jason Segel’s “Dracula” song now - that was pretty awesome. The camel puppet Sean Connery was meh - what would have rocked our world was if Craig could have gotten the real Sean Connery to do a bit for his 1000th show.

By the way, we’re going to try to get tickets to see Craig in January when he puts on a stand-up show in Calgary. :smiley:

This is the case for us as well. We usually skip monologues but will watch one every once in a while. However, we find him great with the guests. I think Craig’s the best.

We saw him when we came to Des Moines and it was a good show! Glad we saw him!


Cool! I envy you. I have the DVD of the stand-up show he did in Boston, and he was in fine form. And no “Ooo-lala” pixilating!

Yay for no “oo-la-la!” I wish we had “safe/moderate/unsafe” settings for tv - ours would never be off “unsafe.”

Oh, by the way – Marie Claire has an online poll up asking Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?

Craig is blowing away the field: 81% (13,396 votes) since December 11. :smiley:

Yeah, the musical numbers were good but Craig trying to play a character through the puppet meant that all his timing was off. If you weren’t already a fan I doubt you’d walk away one. He’s till great when he’s flying and the guest is giving back as much as Craig puts out.

Claymation is a registered trademark owned by filmmaker Will Vinton; the generic term is clay animation.

Now you know.

Just an additional detail: the platform with the desk and chairs separates into two pieces, one holding the desk, one holding the chairs. Craig’s studio is upstairs at CBS’s Television City, and it’s very small. A friend and I were in the audience a couple of years ago, in the second row, and we were surprised how close we were to the main area.

What was also interesting was that though most of what we saw was for that night’s (Monday, I think it was) show, he also taped two comedy bits for later in the week, and the GooGoo Dolls performed but that didn’t air until Friday. The musical guest for our episode was Avril Lavigne, but she had taped her performance earlier in the day. We also saw a standup comic perform but that didn’t air at all during the next two weeks.

Probably more detail than you wanted. But it was a fun show to visit, and we just got tickets while I was showing my friend around Hollywood. It’s one of the shows
that’s easy to get last-minute tickets for, and well worth it. The audience uses the same outdoor waiting area as The Price is Right.

No, no, PRNYouth – not too much detail at all! Thank you! The Late Late Show is the only TV program I watch with any regularity these days, and I’m always pleased to learn more about it.

Craig does a lot of “what day is this really?” and “because we’re live, of course” jokes, and then there’s all those in-costume skits that they couldn’t possibly get ready for in commercial breaks, so I figured the shows weren’t linear realtime.

Too bad I’ll most likely never find myself out in that area, since it would be wicked cool to go to one of his show tapings. (And no, Craig, I wouldn’t be there because I couldn’t get into The Price Is Right. ;)) Oh, well; maybe, with a heapin’ helpin’ of luck, I might someday get an email read.

Another thing, for you Late Late Show aficionados: Didja see the episode when he smacked the camera and its glass cover popped out and shattered?

“That was awesome!” :smiley:

One of the delights of his show is the spontaneity, the feeling that, say, an interview could carom in almost any direction, but even for Ferguson that was awesome.