Crap brands game

Here’s how it works.
Poster submits a really bad brand name for something…

Poosuck coffee.
Next poster comes up with a really bad slogan for it…

Drink Poosuck coffee, go toilet fast.

and then comes up with a new product brand name.
Mods feel free to close this thread at your leasure. I know you don’t want too many game threads. But I figured there aren’t that many so one will be ok
Cropsmell cornflakes

Cropsmell cornflakes - “They’re Gr-r-r-r-r-ross!”

Dingleberry Doughnuts

Cropsmell Cornflakes…Wake up with the aroma of Iowa

Simon Says Action figures

Simon Says Action figures - with rigid body parts. (warning, may cause death or brain damage if touched)

Piss Cola.

Piss Cola- Goes in one end, out the other, without changing a bit!

Chalky Croutons

Dingleberry Donuts - Mmmmm brown crunchy bits - Now In Ass Flavor.

Piss Cola - Easier on your kidneys, since we’ve already run it through once!
Phlegm Phranks

Phlegm Phranks - Just like mom used to hork.

Hershey’s Underwear

Hershey’s Underwear - Wear 'em as long as you like with no embarrassing skidmarks.


Fuck-its™ - World’s best conversation stopper.

Bling Bling Surprise™

Fuck-its - When there’s nothing in the house to eat and the dog is jealously guarding it’s bowl.

Bling Bling Surprise - Bling bling mixed with popcorn, almonds and coated in caramel. A broken tooth in every bite!

Party Poopers

Party Poopers- Breaking up gatherings since 2003!

Yeasty Curds

Yeasty Curds–they’re the life of the panty!

Ron Jeremy O’s

Ron Jeremy O’s - Each one used as a cock ring by the Jizzmaster hisself!
Bitch Crackers

Bitch Crackers - You crumble them up, they slap you back!

Chicks Ahoy! cookies.

Chicks Ahoy! cookies - Packs more seamen into every bite.
Honey Bunches of Goats

Honey Bunches of Goats - you’ll go maa-aaa-aaa-aaad for them!

Lorena Bobbitt Hot Dogs

Lorena Bobbit Hotdogs, don’t buy another brand or we’ll cut yours off!

Poonut butter…

Poonut Butter: The Kopi Luwak of Peanut Butter!

Cream of Pete…

Cream of Pete, the corn not only adds texture, it’s good for you!
Slut Jemimah Pancakes…

Slut Jemimah Pancakes - betcha can’t eat the “ho” thing!

Dreyer’s Mice Cream