Crappy advertiser banner ads crash Flash

It’s about time we get some banner ads that don’t continuously crash Shockwave Flash- it doesn’t matter whether I use one of my two work computers (XP), my home PC (Win 7), or my wife’s laptop (Win 7).

It also doesn’t matter if I’m running Chrome, IE 9 or Firefox.

It periodically slows down and stops, and then tells me that Flash stopped working.

The ONLY thing on here that uses flash are those damnable ads, and for what it’s worth, it’s counterproductive if they fuck up the user’s computer. I don’t buy stuff from banner ads anyway, but I’ll never do it from any of the ones on here that crash all the time.

My Linux mochine doesn’t even come with Flash (or whatever the GNU freeware equivalent might be), and I never installed it. Problem solved. (So there.) I also keep JavaScript disabled all the time except when I actually, you know, actually think I need it.

On my Winders mochine, I keep Flash (and JS) disabled all the time except when I think I need one or the other.

Things work massively better that way. A great many pages load fully in about 1/10 the time; vastly fewer distracting animations; way fewer ads in general. The actual content that I might want to see is adversely affected much less often. (The most common is, when you Derps post links to photos on places like photobucket or those other free photo posting places, I have to turn on JS to view them. Much more often, I just don’t bother. So there too.)

This post isn’t nearly as helpful or informative as you think it is.

Also, there is nothing cool about the words “Winders” and “mochine.” Just thought you should know.