Crappy Birthday, dear Lightin'!

Dear Birthday:

It seems like at least a YEAR since you’ve been around. No, I haven’t accomplished any of the things I’d intended to before your next visit. Yes, I’m still vaguely depressed and dissatisfied with my life, and you coming around doesn’t do much for that. I’m still living here in Texas, and I still haven’t been to Europe. I’m still in debt, and I still haven’t managed to get to school. I really didn’t need YOU coming around to remind me of that.

I notice you didn’t even bring me any presents. You’re a real jerk, you know that? Yeah, I know, all of the items on my gift list are pretty damn pricey (hey, I’ve got expensive tastes), but a token effort would’ve been nice (and there’s one thing, in particular, you could’ve arranged for me- but NOoooo). At least I’m getting sushi for dinner tonight… but hey, I can do that on my own. Don’t do me no favors. As it is, I’ve still got to deal with friends and family reminding me all day long that you’re here for a visit, when I’d actually prefer to just forget you’re here. (Well, okay, it IS kinda nice that they remembered. The time Mom forgot… well, I’d rather not have a repeat of THAT.) At least, until you manage to make one of your seemingly annual stays a PLEASANT occurence… then, maybe I wouldn’t mind the occasional visit.

Yeah, yeah- I’m like this every time you come around… but you know, most people’d get the hint by now.

Any chance you could just stop coming? I mean, nothing personal, but I think you’ve really worn out your welcome.

Thanks Bunches,

p.s.- Um, just on the off-chance that you’re planning a surprise for me… could you give me one of those things we’ve discussed? Just one of 'em? You know the ones I’m talking about. Maybe I’d look forward to your next visit- 'cause I just KNOW you’re planning on coming around again.

Uhhh…is it too late to say I hope your day improves?
(whispering…happy birthday)

::perk:: Sushi?? Did someone say sushi??

Happy birthday. Sorry it’s sucking like an Electrolux, but sushi’s bound to improve anyone’s day. Or at least mine. :smiley:

[sub]…stomps away, muttering “wrassin’ frassin’ smilies”…[/sub]

A happy thought for today-this is about the farthest you can be from your next birthday.

I’m pretty sure I’m late, but Happy Birthday anyway. Did BD bring that thing you discussed (and just out of curiosity, you wouldn’t mind sharing what that was, would you)? How did the visit go? Sushi helps, but did BD pick up the bill, or just eat a whole bunch of food an conveneintly “Go to the restroom”? I hope he behaved himself, but if not, all I’ve got to say is three words:

Slying Buddha Kick.

Knocks the shit out of anyone. If he comes around next year with this attitude again, you give him a big one for upside the head, and he’ll start to reconsider his approach from now on. Or at least pay for dinner, damnit!

All kidding aside, I hope you had a great birthday. Cheer up! It’s a day to celebrate. Just think, if you were never born, I wouldn’t have gotten back into Vietnamese food :slight_smile: So thanks, and have a great day.

Thanks, all. Birthday’s come and gone, and I don’t expect he’ll be back for a year or so.

I got a few things that’re cool… a few DVDs (Quigley Down Under, Ladyhawke, and Iron Giant), and a some theatre tickets. Birthday also picked up the tab on the sushi, which is nice.

He didn’t bring me the thing I REALLY wanted- my Dream Job, which is still in a holding pattern until The Guy in Chicago gets funding (but which is still looking positive). I was kinda hopin’ to hear about that while BD was here, but no luck. :slight_smile: