Crayola Crayon Colors We All Would Like To See.

That must be “SDMB invisible OP”.

Dried Blood Brown.

Semen White.

Pus Yellow.

Cooter Pink

**Irridescent Jamocha Ripple Brown

Erotic Crimson

Empire Waist Summer Dress Lavender

Ochre Blaze


Rainbow Jamocha Ripple

Oak Tag Beige

Kasha Varnishkes Dappled Brown

Rump Roast Rouge

Gold Lame


Wild Wysteria Lavender

Pajama Purple

Instant Message Blush

Chalk Dust White

Salt and Pepper Sparkles

Bugs On The Windshield Brown

Grass Stain Green

Daring Toenail Glitter Royal Blue**

Is it terrible that I know exactly what colour that is? Great list. I have nothing to add, because I suck.

Screen of Death Blue

Hey, I’ve seen that one! :rolleyes: :mad:

Beatdown Bruise Purple

Dried Birdcrap Ivory

Scab Maroon

Tabasco Red

Baby Poo Yellow

Chunky Vomit Fleck-Carrot-Orange

SuSE Linux green

Macintosh translucent pastels (collect the set!)

PC clone beige

City snow speckle

Broccoli green

Potato ivory

Kung pao red

Chernobyl yellow fluorescent

And these are the colours Mom never gave you:

Meaty dogpoo red

Weathered dogpoo brown

Antique dogpoo grey

Sirloin swirl (brown and translucent ivory)

Phlegm yellow

Old Piss Yellow

Steak Fat White

Moldy Green

Clogged Toilet Mess Brown

Blowjob Mystery Color (usually a peach crayon with pink or red markings around the outside) can also be green.

I gotta go with Calvin and Hobbes here. A complete set of crayons should include barf color :smiley:

Fighting White

Ballistic Trauma Swirl Crimson, with Cherry Red and “Cerebellum Tope” mixed in.

Gas Explosion Orange

Scorched Titanium

Zombie Green-Gray

Acid Trip Indigo (Catch the reference)

Invisible Pink

California Smog

Thermal-Optic Blend

Jackboot Leather

Etherial Being translucent "Flesh"

Polka Dots


Lightly Grilled Umber

Incandescent Puce




Screen of Death Blue

Antique Monochrome Amber

Mosquito Bite Red

Hammered Fingernail

Inept Phlebotomist Purple

Bile Green

Calf scours yellow. For those of you who don’t speak farmer go to…

Actually some of the colours mentioned here are available from Citadel (for miniature painting)

Scab Red
Bubonic Brown
Vomit Brown
Vermin Brown
Leprous Brown
Nauseating Blue
Snot Green
Rotting Flesh
Vile Green

look here for a list