crazy british/millenium prayer

apparently the #1 song in great britain is cliff richards’s “millenium prayer”. this song consists of a 59-year-old cliff richard singing the lord’s prayer to the music of “auld lang sayne” <sp>?

i downloaded the mp3, and this song is just horrid. apparently george michael has launched a bit of an anti-millenium prayer campaign, claiming that christians are being pressured into buying this piece of shit in order to make it the #1 song through the millenium.

i don’t know what to make of all this, but if indeed churches are indeed presuring their members to buy this piece of shit (download it yourself, it is truly awful), then i would tend to side with him on this.

on the other hand, maybe george michaelis bitter that he hasn’t had a hit in a decade… i don’t know. any brits out there who can tell me what the hell is up with “millenium prayer”? i didn’t really think this crap was for real until i got the mp3. is this REALLy the number 1 song over there?

Crazy Brits. Uh-huh. So what else is new :wink:


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Nyaah, Coldfire, you’re just sore because you guys all have to learn English (and we beat you 4-1 in the last Euro Champ finals).
And no, we haven’t forgotten that Dutch admiral who sailed up the Thames in the 16th century. (Ryker?)
And you’re all taller than us…

No, we love you really (rijstaafel, remember).

Back to the thread. Cliff Richard is a sort of institution, and is indeed challenging for the no. 1 spot.
Most people of my generation remember Cliff and the Shadows in the early 60’s (especially the film ‘Summer Holiday’).
Then he sort of hung on with a clean image for decades.
Recently at Wimbledon (our tennis tournament) it was raining and Cliff led an impromptu sing-song.
But his latest song is banned by most radio stations (bit extreme, but he’s seen as out-of-date I suppose).
I doubt churches are campaigning for him (although he’s a well-known Christian), because not many people go to church regularly here.
So it’s just a storm in a teacup, especially as the record charts are largely fixed anyway.

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Yeah glee,

You guys DID beat us 4-1. But at least:

a) We don’t have to qualify for Tokyo 2002 in the same group as Germany;
b) We didn’t end up in the same group as Germany for Netherlands/Belgium 2000.


Coldfire ducks grinningly…

Oh, and sorry for that sailing-up-the-Thames thing and all… it just got a little out of hand. Tell the Orange Men in Northern Ireland it was supposed to be a bit of a laugh, OK :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)


I think we should start practising penalties …

Tot ziens!

Actually, certain churches are “ecouraging” people to buy this record. Since the UK singles (records, not people) market is fairly small and is based 100% on actual sales, rather than airplay it doesn’t take to much to get a record to No. 1.
Hopefully though, he will lose his place to a far more talented act - the dacing hamsters!

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I’m not sure I follow you there Colin, if the charts are based on people buying the record rather than a much smaller number of disk jockeys playing it, surely it is harder to get to number 1, rather than easier, after all there are more people to be influenced? Mind you, after Nellie the Elephant was Christmas #1 a few years back I’ve learned to stay well away from the English charts over the Sentimental Season!