Crazy Commercials Again.

I’ll start us off with one that made me do a triple take. I thought it had to be part of some sketch show and not a real commercial. I was wrong.

I had forgotten about the second one until I was watching Diary of the Dead on IFC tonight.

Your turn.

I got those beat, with Respect the V.
“Men have died for it…it’s the most powerful thing on earth.”

Your link isn’t working for me. Try again?

Let’s try this again. And I was wrong, it’s called Hail to the V. If the link doesn’t work, do a search. It’s bizarre

Holy Crap. That was way out there. I cracked up at all the phallic imagery. The swords in the bamboo forest and the big wobbly lances were priceless.

Here’s another one. Why would you want your fast food experience associated with your parents having sex?

And people think the Burger King is creepy?

This Japanese Nissan commercial is funny by itself. But I think its even funnier if you add the subtitle “…and that’s how babies are made.”

The one that stopped me in my tracks and made me say “They thought the Burger King was creepy?” is the Arby’s one where the one guy’s tongue LEAPS out and licks the spot of sauce off the other guy’s face. shudder

It reminds me of the umbrella scene in My Neighbor Totoro (which in and of itself is one of the strangest moments in film.)

Angry man w/ a bad fake tan yelling




what the fuck?

Wow. That’s seriously strange, in the way that only Japan can do strange, without being repulsive. Kudos.

Created by the same guy who created Domo-Kun.