Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (New TV series)

A show that’s far, far better than its title implies, I’ve been watching the first episodes and liking what I see.

It’s about Rebecca Bunch, who gives up a high paying job as a lawyer in New York who hates her life, with its pressure both on the job and by her demanding mother. She runs into Josh, with whom she had a two-month summer fling (the happiest time of her life) when she was 16 and drops everything to find him in West Covina, CA (“Two hours from the beach. Well, four if there’s traffic”).

First of all, it’s a musical, and I love musicals. And in this case, the songs are hilarious. Consider “I’m So Good at Yoga,” a parody of Bollywood musicals with some mighty risque lyrics.

Second, Rebecca is funny – so desperate to connect with Josh and so much in denial that she’s stalking him, even when it’s obvious to everyone else. There is a larger than life quality to the humor.

And they don’t shy away at the creepiness of the scenario. That doesn’t stop it from being funny (note the position of the cat. :smiley: )

It’s on the CW opposite Gotham (and Supergirl will be in the same time slot), but I’m going to stick with it for now.

My wife wanted to see this. The first few minutes didn’t get recorded so we had no idea what was going on. Then the music started and neither of us wanted to watch the rest. I may not be interested in musical shows myself, but I do like that there is some effort to get off the tired old sitcom track. Hope you can continue to enjoy it.

Seems like it would make a good rom-com movie or mini-series, but I wonder where they’re going to take it as a series. I would think the conceit would get old after a few episodes. Also, it seems like a good vehicle for generating cringingly embarrassing moments which generally have me leaping to the remote as I don’t enjoy even secondhand social humiliation.

But you’re right, the yoga burlesque was quite funny.

I like Rachael Bloom but I couldn’t make it through the first episode.