Crazy neighbor opinions, advice or other stories, please :)

I live in a very rural, low traffic area. If I see 3 cars drive past in an hour, I figure someone is having a party or something. There are some young kids who live across from the crazy neighbor. They do things like run around in their yard, yelling and laughing. They also will get their bikes out and ride up and down the street. They tend to laugh and shout then as well. If they see a car coming, they get to the side of the road as soon as their little legs can move their bikes.

Across the street from me are some teenagers who recently bought their first vehicle. Freedom! They can go anywhere, they can do anything, they have finally made it!!! The loving attention they give to their crewcab, long bed, manual tranny beat up truck makes my eyes water up as I remember how I was then.

I think its hysterical to watch them jump their truck down the road. They do better when they get to second.

My crazy neighbor hates all of the kids. She hates me too. She hates the neighbor on the other side because he put a detached 3 car garage right in the middle of her view of the mountain without asking her opinion.

She likes to scream at everyone. It scares the young kids when she stands across the street and screams at them because they are having fun at 6 pm. I used to roll my Harley out of my driveway and down the street before starting it because I didn’t want to wake her up at 9 am. I got screamed at over that in the past. Also got screamed at because I got home at 9 pm on a Thursday. In my quiet car.

My skin has toughened. I’ve been ignoring her for a couple of years and my friends know to not make eye contact and just come inside when she goes all banshee on them.

Today, she ramped the craziness up. The teenagers backed their truck into my culvert ditch. Again. They are learning. Its my property. I’m uphill from crazy lady so she doesn’t need to worry about her culvert backing up. After the kids get the truck out of my ditch, they do their best to fix it.

Crazy lady called the police. She wanted the teenagers arrested because they were blocking the road and she couldn’t get out. (she could have just drove the other way down the street like she always does) She wanted me arrested because I’m a whore. She wanted the people with the kids deported because she was sure they were all illegal.

I know this is tl/dr, but has anyone had success with making someone like this ramp down?

Sounds like a real bitch.

You’re not going to change her. You can try ignoring her. If she is harassing you, document it the best you can with a video recorder, and meet with the sheriff’s office about it.

Unfortunately, we just had to wait for our crazy neighbor to move away.

I think your tactic of ignoring her is the best one. I don’t see anything else you can do that wouldn’t just aggravate the situation. Hopefully this new level of craziness doesn’t become a habit, but if it does, I’m afraid it’s more an issue for the police, unluckily for them. Good luck!

My crazy neighbor either died or his kids put him in a home earlier this summer.

We had ZERO luck getting him to leave us alone while he was here. A little ashamed (but not too much) but I’m happy he’s gone.

In my case, the crazy neighbor was, er, of a minority that includes illegals at times. When she finally crossed the line for me, I went over and threatened her with the CPS and INS.

This was over five years ago and not a peep in our direction since then.

Sighs. Yeah, you are telling me what I already knew. Crazy Lady isn’t going to move away. She was here first and we are all assholes for buying land and building around her.

I’d never met that sheriff before, but he knew me as “the biker slut who is ruining the whole community”. He took his sun glasses off before he told me that so I could get the proper effect of his eyes rolling out of his head, down the road and then back.

CL has gotten worse in the last year. She’s old and she drinks a lot. Her kids visit a couple of times a year. I’m honestly worried about her. I fully expect her to be standing in her driveway, beer splashing out of her can as she flings her arms around, and stroking out in front of the kids.

You said you live rural. Until she has an unfortunate firearms accident you’re stuck with her.

An unfortunate firearms accident that can in no way be traced to flatlined.

Seriously, flatlined, if crazy lady calls the police again you may suggest they get her a competency evaluation. And if the stuff she’s screaming could be construed as a threat, they can lock her up for a day or three (depending on your jurisdiction) before they get around to doing the evaluation.

Chances are crazy neighbor choose to live in a rural, low traffic area because she doesn’t like to be around people and likes it quiet. The less she has to interact with you the happier she will be. The kids and the teenagers can learn to keep the noise down. Quite honestly, I think their parents should have choosen a family friendly suburb where kid and teenager noise is the norm.

Maybe kids and teen family chose rural neighborhood so kids could play outside and whoop it up and use their best outdoor voices in the good fresh air.

I think that’s absurd. If crazy lady has such a problem with noise that she can’t tolerate normal kid, teen, and for that matter adult neighbor noise, *she *should have chosen to live somewhere (say, for example, a very large piece of land she owns) where she wouldn’t encounter them. And if that changes (as it sounds like it did - the op says neighbors moved in and build around her), she needs to move. And if she can’t afford to, then that’s just too bad. No one should have to tip toe around her just because she can’t stand reasonable neighbor behavior.

What do you charge?

You have a great attitute there flatlined. Hold the moral high-ground.
Kids are kids (and they sound respectful, which is sometimes sorely lacking in this world) and crazy-next-door-ladies are…well…
…best ignored.

I wish you the best.

That advice is about useless, just like me being told not to have sheep because it annoys my neighbor who moved into a ‘light industrial/agricultural’ zone. Hell, he gets upset at the dairy farm that has been there since the late 1700s for smelling like cow shit. The land our house is on belonged to said same farm family and had cows on it until the previous owner bought and modified the sharecroppers house that was already here.

Unless she owns hundreds of acres, neighbors are going to happen. She needs to freaking deal with it. I am not thrilled with several of my neighbors, especially the one that vrooms his motorcycle early in the morning on weekends, mows his lawn early in the morning and stand-fires various guns at all hours of the day randomly during the week. The jackass who doesn’t like livestock is known to have killed not only my dog but several other dogs and cats in the neighborhood because he uses poison bait in his yard on rodents, but not strong enough to kill them immediately, just enough so they gimp around as attractive targets for dogs and cats in the properties surrounding his. [Animal control spoke with him about it, and he refuses to use the proper amount of bait, he buys the cheap shit and puts out a minimal dose. AC said they can’t make him use proper bait nor proper dosages.] The guy on the other side kitty corner across the street has several teenagers that are young vandals, and have broken into the barn several times, and throw rocks at my poultry. I got them on video and narked on them to the cops and now I am the evil bitch. [they complain out loud where they are quite audible in the quiet country evenings.]

Ah great, it is 830, dark and the jackass is shooting what sounds like a shotgun. sigh Hope there is nobody out in the woods on the other side of him.

What does “jump their truck down the road” mean? And does new driver training commonly including backing your vehicle into a ditch multiple times?

There are plenty of family friendly small towns where kids and teenagers can be whoop it up in the good fresh air. It sounds like this woman was living there first probably because she enjoyed the quiet and serenity of countryside. Being a kid or having kids doesn’t give you special rights in the world. They should have moved to where their noise wouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah but unless you buy the entire countryside, you have no right to dictate who buys and lives on the land next door.

If you want quiet you buy 15 acres and build a home in the middle.

The one thing you could do, if you haven’t, is let the young kids know they’re not doing anything wrong, and CL is just nuts. Yeah, their parents probably already talk about her, but someone else saying too wouldn’t hurt. Just a thought.

Complete bullshit.

The family with the kids also have the right to enjoyment of their land. If they’re not breaking laws, tough shit for Crazy Lady. Living somewhere first “doesn’t give you special rights in the world.”

I think ignoring people like this is the best course of action. If you respond, it is giving the complainer attention, and the strife will embolden them to complain further.

How much energy is Old Yeller going to expend screaming at neighbor kids? I’m sure the cops know the whole story with her. If nobody is breaking the law, then its her problem :shrug: . I lived on a street that turned out to be the main street fire engines zipped up and down in San Jose. Did I scramble outside in my bathrobe and scream at every truck that went by? No, I fucking moved :smiley: