Creamsicle kitty likes us

There’s an orang-and-white longhair cat that occasionally saunters across the back yard. We call ‘him’ (unsure of the gender) Creamsicle Kitty. A week or so ago the SO was sitting on the patio, and Creamsicle took a nap on a patch of [del]weeds[/del] lawn. Tuesday morning he appeared when the SO was out there and he approached her, letting her pet him. She gave him some kibble and water. She was shocked to see how skinny he really was. ‘He’s not fat. He’s fluffy!’

He came again yesterday morning. Last night, as I was thinking about going to bed, the SO was outside again. She came in and told me to lie still and be quiet. Creamsicle was back. All she saw was a pair of eyes approaching quickly across the [del]weeds[/del] lawn, reflecting the light from the living room. She went to get him some more food. In the meantime, Tonka noticed we had a visitor. He went to the screen doors and expressed his interest. The SO went out and fed and stroked Creamsicle for a while before I asked if I could come out. She said yes, and Creamsicle trotted right over. He apparently likes humans. I wonder why it took him so long to introduce himself? Tonka meowed a little, but not in a threatening tone. The SO picked up Creamsicle and approached the door. He didn’t squirm. But when he saw Tonka he gave a hiss. Apparently he’s not too keen on other cats. But there was no altercation.

Creamsicle is very thin, but he doesn’t look feral. It looks like he has a home somewhere. He ate the food, but didn’t appear ravenous. Either that, or he was torn between eating and getting attention from a couple of humans. The SO will make some enquiries as opportunity arises, to find out where he lives.

And speaking of opportunity, I’ll see if I can get some pics.

He sounds beautiful! I know what you mean about long-haired cats appearing fat; I had a cat who for years I thought was a bit on the chubby side. When she got old and couldn’t keep up with grooming her fur, we had her shaved, and she was tiny.

Creamsicle isn’t a large cat anyway. S/he just appears large because of the fur. Even with a small frame, s/he could use some more meat on the bones. Tonka is kind of large, at over 14 pounds – and he’s a longhair.

Creamsicle 1
Creamsicle 2

I picked her up (I’m going to hall him/her ‘her’ – I stand to be corrected), and she really is tiny.

a beautiful cat…and a wonderful name, too! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My older Himalayan boy, Fuzzy, is getting thinner as he gets older - but you can only tell if you pet him, there’s no padding under the fuzz anymore. I’ve tried tempting his appetite, but he only seems to have so much patience for eating these days.

He used to be deceptively heavy - his huge mane of fur hid the fact that he was a bit pudgy. Now it’s the opposite, he’s deceptively lightweight and the big cloak of fuzziness disguises it.

He would absolutely not tolerate me feeding a strange cat, no way, no how. He howls like a banshee at any strange cats that wander into “his” yard. Bunnies, lizards, and birds, he’s interested in, and watches intently through the glass, but strange cats? No. Just plain no.

Also, most ginger and white cats are male, aren’t they? something like 75%?

Before, I’d only see her slinking across the yard. Last night it was dark. Now that I’ve seen her in daylight, she’s not as fuzzy as I thought. More like a ‘medium-hair’.

Unless this is a different cat that has been transiting my yardspace over the years.

Just so ya’ know, cats are notorious for having 2nd or even 3rd homes.
We used to have a cat named Tramp. He was our darn cat. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t see that f’er walk right across the street, start meowing and scratching at my neighbors door and then be let in!

And there was no hesitation either. It’s almost as if the people inside were expecting him.

And then one day, my dad and I were driving into the neighborhood, my dad happened to spot some lady sitting on her porch. On her lap is a cat. My dad says: “Is…is that Tramp?”. Sure enough it was!

Traitorous little twit! :slight_smile:

From the photos, the cat looks well cared for, so my bet is on it just being an opportunist like most cats.

Well, it’s more complicated than that. Ginger cats are more likely to be male but female gingers are not rare. Adding in the color white makes no difference.

Here’s a link to my favorite website on cat genetics.

Anecdote time. I work at an animal hospital and we often have people bring us stray kittens. We always seem to have a theme every kitten season; like mostly black kittens or siamese mix kittens*. One year we saw a lot of ginger kittens. It was split about 50/50 on gender. Since these litters were mostly all one color, it’s probably because both parents were ginger. I fostered a brother and sister, the male was your standard ginger tabby and the female was a fluffy red and white like Creamsicle. So it’s very possible that Creamsicle is female.

*Siamese mix kittens are dangerous for me since I have a weakness for them and now have three. All foster failures.

If not female, then a neutered male. Unneutered mature males have unmistakable big mature cheeks that this cat is lacking. Females are generally 8-10 pounds, and males are generally 10-12 pounds. Obviously there are exceptions in either direction, but those are the most common weights for regular old domestic mutt cats.

Right and in fact if Creamsicle really is on the small side, it is a little more likely that she is female. For some odd reason orange cats seem to statistically show a more pronounced sexual dimorphism than other color variants. Orange females tend to be smaller than average, males tend to be larger than average.

I once had a wee orange female for 17 years - most clingy lap parasite I ever owned.

Pretty cat Johnny :).

The SO’s boss told her about WeSNIP. He told her that they trap and collect the cat and transport it to N.O.A.H. Animal Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center where it is de-wormed, de-flea’d, given shots, and spayed or neutered. N.O.A.H. is a no-kill shelter (it’s where we got Tonka), so cats taken there will be taken care of. And this cat is so affectionate, she’s sure to find a home.

But first, we need to determine if she already has a home. We’re pretty sure she does. She’s skinny, but clean and not shaggy-looking.

I don’t think the SO would want to adopt the cat ourselves, but you never know. She hisses at Tonka, which isn’t a good sign. As an outdoor cat (or, probably, indoor-outdoor), I don’t think she’d like becoming an indoor cat.

She sure is a sweetie, though. :slight_smile:

Hiss through the glass at being carried towards a new cat is not a sign that all hope is lost, just that she wasn’t quite ready to take it that far yet. And your cat isn’t pitching a fit (doesn’t sound like it anyway). It actually sounds fairly promising, if you decide to give it a go, we can talk you through the gradual introduction thing.

Her owners may have just moved or something, if she’s lurked for awhile, but only now approached for food and affection. I would generally say that cats who have a “route” for food aren’t as thin, but the exception to that might be worms or parasites. I had a neighbor who just didn’t get that outdoor cats need to be protected from worms. His cat would get really skinny, I would lose patience, ask the neighbor if he minded if I treated the cat for worms, treat him, he’d get back up to normal weight, rinse and repeat.

Whether she’d tolerate moving indoors - hard to say until you try it. My mom has moved her current cats, feral caught, to completely indoor. Neither one will go out an open door. Once they figured out they were onto regular food and shelter, they were happy. Other people can’t keep their cats in no matter what they do.

She looks lovely. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Put a collar on Creamsicle and attach a note asking the owner to call you. I had to do this many years ago - a friendly kitty started showing up in one of our second floor bedrooms (she’d climb up to the roof and go through an open window), she’d nap on the bed and forage for cat food. Sociable and evidently fairly well-cared for, I figured she had to belong to someone nearby.

The SO will not put a collar on an animal. She had a dog that hanged himself when she was young. I like to think cats have more sense, but even a slight chance it too great.

Tonka gets agitated when Creamsicle comes around. His purrs are barely audible at the loudest, but I can put my ear to him when I pick him up and hear them. If Creamsicle is around, he doesn’t purr. He also goes back to his behaviour he had when we first brought him home from the shelter, where he runs to his dish for a bit of compulsive eating and demanding that you stroke him while he eats.

Could someone please tell me how to add a photo to a post? Creamsicle Kitty has a Doppleganger named Princess Baja and I want to provide the proof. Thanks!

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