Create-a-rumor-omatic-machine... thingy....!!!

Pick your target, and create a rumor about them.


Rumor must include 3 of the following:

-Mah man, JuanDCuba, who so graciously volunteered for this position.

-A vat of sparkling Jell-o.

-An Ewe.

-Rush Limbaugh.

-A tube of KY Jelly.

-and my dog, Indy.

Think of the possibilities… *shudder

I meant to type…

… following “THINGS”:
Okay? So I forgot one word!

Well, I wasn’t going to SAY anything, but I did see the thing with you, Juan, the Jello, and the KY last night. And your dog! Poor Indy. . .

Did you hear Rush Limbaugh got caught with an ewe and a tube of K-Y jelly in his car. He was bleating something about how ewe were the love of his life and the officer made him walk the line when they could smell Lanolin on Rush’s breath.


The newspaper headline:
(Lim)-Baugh ram Ewe!

Indy tried to come between me and a vat of Jell-O, and I would have let him if it was any other color but I love the green stuff.

mathematician hat on:

Given the requirements of a subset of 3 within the set of 6, there are a maximum of 20 rumors the rumor-omatic can make. If we assume that three is merely the minimum, then there are 20, 3 item rumors, 15-4, 6-5 and one six item rumor possible for a total of 42 rumors possible.

mathematician hat off.

Maybe this is what Douglas Adams was refering to.