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So what can you tell me that I’ve never heard?

a chunk styrofoam + a bit of acetone = a big white goopy blob closely resembling white snot

Ummm…well, according to my “Fact a Day” calendar, most Monarch butterflies spend the winter in Mexico and only one of their roosts is known. It’s a location where more than 14 million Monarchs cluster in an area only 140 yards wide.

Oh, and also, the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.

Should I check back tomorrow and tell you what it says? :wink:

Corn will pass through a baby’s digestive system totally untouched.

For some reason, my mother farts in front of my friends. :frowning:

[sub]Oh … that wasn’t the type of post you were looking for.[/sub]

Um, I read somewhere that porcupines masturbate.


Saturate petrol with Styrofoam.

The Eel can swim as fast nackwards as it can forwards.

The Humming bird flaps it wings approx 4,800 times a minute.

I will be keeping a close eye on this thread… I love trivia. :slight_smile:

I’m drinking a Heineken on the upper level of my girlfriend’s townhouse in Bankstown, NSW, Australia. She doesn’t own the townhouse, but rents it. I used to own a dog called “Tolly”. The tiger prawns in Vietnam taste really good. I’d better get rid of the dead Heineken bottles, or my g/f will kill me.

Thanks for letting me tell you this stuff. I feel much better now. :smiley:

In Korea, a part-time job is know as an “Arbeit” (from the German phrase, notorious from the Nazi era ‘Arbeit machen frei! (sp?)’ or ‘Work makes one free!’ (why? hellifIknow!)

My fiancee is EXTREMELY high-maintenance! But I love her anyhow!

Right now, my left hand hurts like a motherf***** due to a burn from a couple of weeks ago…

At the DMZ in S. Korea (Pan-Mun-Jeom) it is possible to step across into N. Korea without going through customs & immigration!

If you look across the border from S. Korea into N. Korea, you see propaganda signs which say things like ‘Our system is better!’ (very debatable) and ‘We eat meat every day in our system!’ (maybe true, if you believe the rumors of cannabalism that have been floating around) while there are no signs (that I have seen) on the S. Korean side saying things like ‘Our system kicks ass ALL over yours! Just look at our technology, our society, our industrial base, and the fact that our citizens are NOT dying of starvation!’ or ‘We can, and often do, eat meat at EVERY meal if we so choose!’

If you eat Burger King onion rings, and drink beer in the same day, your fiancee will kick you out of bed in the middle of the night! (if your gut reacts to that combination the same way mine does… IE: by producing voluminous quantities of LETHAL gas!)

I am, possibly, the only Doper to have ever been in N. Korea!

The Korean word for barley is boli. The two words do not appear to be etymologically related.

Mice are crunchy.

I am, possibly, the only Doper to have ever seen Pyrrho12 naked.

(Ah, a chance to use my favourite factoid, which I tell to everyone I meet, which results in my crammed social calendar :D)-
If our eyes were the same size as a cat’s eye, relative to the size of our heads, our eyes would be the size of softballs. Cool, eh?

Epsilon Eridani is 10.8 lightyears away from our solar system.

The mole rat is the only known animal that will drink it’s own urine, that’s other than fishies.

A Sandhill Crane’s trachea is elongated and forms a loop in their sternum. A Whooping Crane’s is double-looped. This accounts for thier deep, reverberating call that can be heard up to a mile away.

The energy expended by a sperm swimming to reach the egg is the equivalent of a human swimming (I think) 70 miles up the Mississippi.

You can make a really good satay ramen with ramen - seasoning packet + peanut butter + soy sauce.

There is only one Catholic church in Athens, Greece.

Micheal Stipe’s real first name is John. Micheal is his middle name.

Actually there is a video of a baby (teenager?) monkey going wee into his own mouth. Saddest thing is he seemed to enjoy it.

the term “SOCCER” is a derogatory slang for Associated Football League, devised by the members from Rugby, who were kicked out of the league for picking up the ball with tier hands.
or so I’ve heard…
anybody confirm or deny?

I have 63 days to go before I leave the job I hate to go on adventures on the other side of the world.

BTW… Hi! I’m new!

Powdered non-dairy creamer is extremely flammable, and pouring a packet on a lit match will cause a quick jet of flame.

My middle name is Preston.

Sir Rhosis