Create your own ruinous final episode of a current TV show

Current TV shows: do your best to ruin their endings. (Why yes, I’m bored as hell at the airport).

How I Met Your Mother: No explanation at all, last scene, the camera pulls out, and he’s marrying Lily.

Breaking Bad: His brother in law finds out, then helps him make a big deal, then in the last episode they’re all living in Spain ala Sexy Beast. Fade Out.

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon has sex with Penny, but knocks up AFF, must marry her, hijinks ensue.

30 Rock: Liz and Jack get married, they both say “I Love You” to one another, kiss, roll credits.

No fair changing the ending of an already ended show. Go!

Supernatural: Sam and Dean look at each other, smile, and we find out…they are still little boys and all their adventures have just been the two of them playing pretend. And lastly, we hear their Mom call them for dinner and they roll their eyes. Cut to black.
Wow, that would ruin the entire show for me.

Wilson has left PPH for a new job elsewhere. Cuddy has had it with House, and this time she means it. Last scene: House, swallowing a handful of pills with one hand, holding a gun in the other. No emo music. No music at all. Camera slooooowly, sloooowly draws back…fade to dark.


2 1/2 Men;

Charlie and Alan and the kid are murdered by Mexican coke barons.

The End

World’s Deadliest Catch, contaminated food results in a shortage privies, and somehow as a result explosive diarrhea is released all over the king crab catch.

It’d ruin crab meat for me too.

Maybe Nova’s last episode being something like this.

South Park - Kenny flips and kills everyone. Zoom in to big, satisfied grin. Finis.

Dexter has a crisis of conscience, calls 911, sits down and waits.

Modern Family: Cameron finds Mitchell in bed with a woman, Jay finds Gloria in bed with a woman, Claire finds Phil in bed with Cameron, everybody divorces, show over.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Elliot & Olivia get married and retire.

30 Rock: Kenneth snaps and murders everyone except Jenna. She helps him get out of the country which leads to a spin-off show that follows them on the run around the world.

CBS Evening News with Katie Kouric;

Peels off human ‘rind’ and reveals herself to be an Omicronian, and proceeds to eat the production staff.


It’s not often that I actually laugh out loud while reading something at a message board. Thanks. :slight_smile:

CSI: Budget cuts for the closing of the unit. Nate Haskell remains on the loose.

“S&%@ My Dad Says” has John Lithgow as a guest, Ed flips open his cell phone and says, “two to beam up”

I would have said that a mutated mosquito-borne version of HIV kills everyone on the planet but Kenny and Cartman, Kenny because of exposure to a combination of toxic waste and an experimental drug to cure bedwetting, and Cartman because he’s a unique chromosomal aberrant due to having a hermaphrodite parent. Cartman’s plan to kill and eat Kenny backfires, and Kenny is granted immortality by Jesus to become the sole human living forever in a new Eden. (On second thought, this might actually work as a last episode.)

Yes but there’s much more to it than that. Stabler’s manic-depressive daughter goes off her meds, date-rape-drugs her father into having incest with her, and edits a video to make it look like it was his idea. Stabler’s wife divorces him and he’s suspended pending charges of having sex with someone legally incompetent to give consent. When Benson tries to find proof that Stabler is innocent, someone plants lesbian kiddie porn on her computer and tips off Internal Affairs Division and she’s suspended pending charges. Then Benson inexplicably finds herself pregnant, and tests indicate that Stabler is the baby’s father. It turns out that shadowy figures in the State Department were using Stabler’s daughter to try to entrap a playboy Iranian diplomat into spying on Iran’s nuclear program, and that they drugged and inseminated Benson with semen Stabler’s daughter harvested from him to discredit them both. With the secret help of the rest of the SVU, Stabler and Benson kidnap the Iranian diplomat and the State Department spook and get them on video implicating each other. After multiple blackmail and counter-blackmail threats, charges against Stabler and Benson are dropped in exchange for their taking early retirement. Benson and Stabler get married and start a family together.

Fringe: Peter ends up with both Olivias. The final shot: he’s kicked back watching them get ready to make sweet love to each other. :smiley:

I win.

South Park: Halloween episode shows everybody wearing Muhammad masks. Muslims around the world form massive armies to storm Comedy Central studios (obviously, they’re too dumb to figure out South Park is actually made someone else.) After the massacre, Trey and Matt decide to end South Park.

Next on Fox: North Park.

Bones: In the final scene, Boreanez turns around to see Buffy, who asks “Remember me?” while delivering a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Boreanez spins to the ground, ending up on hands and knees, turns his head to look at Buffy, vamps up, and leaps at the viewer/Buffy…

… Fade to black.

Big Bang Theory - Due to severe budget cuts at their university, all the guys need to find other positions. They end up at separate 2nd and 3rd rate schools.

During a critical moment during an audition, Penny uses some knowledge gleaned from them to impress and lands a role on a sci fi show that turns into huge hit.

Cut to the guys each alone and lonely in new apts eating chinese watching Penny on TV. Cut to AFF getting her toothbrush ready.


I like some of these endings!!

My god, you almost ruined the entire show for me just by typing that! :smiley: