Creating an unambiguous SDMB reference on TV

With the threads about posters here suspecting that there have been shoutouts to the SDMB on tv shows, I had a little thought experiment going on. If I were ever chosen to be on Survivor, I would make an effort to work some sort of SDMB reference into my dialog enough so that the editors would be hard pressed to find any footage where I am not referencing the SDMB. However, what would that be?

So, if someone were to go on television, short of saying “Hi Straight Dope Message Board,” what would be your idea on what would be an unambiguous shout out.
Something along the lines of:

“First, John said he was going to be in an alliance with me. Second, he lied to Melissa about the alliance and Third, Hi Opal!”

I think if, on a reality type show, you had a ‘mental breakdown’ and started going kinda nutso and yelling things like OG SMASH OG SMASH and threatening people with a 1920’s style death ray you might get enough attention that the news affiliates around the country might play it back for a few days. That would do it. Or you could be a bit more subtle and mention things from time to time that you heard from your friend ____ back home (____ being a doper). Get enough of those in and we’d figure it out.

If someone got picked to go to exile island, I would yell, “when come back, bring pie!” Would that work?

How 'bout a “SDMB” placard at a political rally? Somebody has to do this. :wink:

Nope, that comes from Weebl and Bob. It’s referenced plenty of other places on the Web besides here. And our particular version of Og Smash might have originated here, but it’s a generic enough concept that it appears to have cropped up independantly many different places on the Web.

Hi Opal, the Marianas Trench for 20 minutes, and 1920-style Death Rays are all from here, though. And it’d probably be really easy to work in the Marianas Trench one on Survivor, if it’s on an island.

“I think the only way we’d beat the other tribe in the next immunity challenge is if we used a 1920s-style death ray.”

In any statement to or about large groups, refer to them as the Teeming Millions.

If debunking common misconceptions, make a point of noting that ducks’ calls DO echo.

I heard that once, or twice. Must be an echo.


I’d wear my Straight Dope t-shirt.

And Speedos that say “perfect master” on the front.

Think you guys would get all that?

Eh, they’d probably get that in editing. You’d have to pretend ‘Opal’ was a girlfriend or something and say ‘I wish Opal was here. I’d say, “Hi Opal”’ or something like that, while bathing nude, of course. Just to make sure they wouldn’t cut it.

“Penis ensues” is original to the Dope.

Well, the phrase, anyway. Not necessarily ensual per se.

Eh, possibly. I’ve seen it on, though I don’t know when that quote was submitted.

You could lament your failure to remember to bring your foot long ice blue jelly dong.

After January of 2005, I’d wager. The phrase originated here, Post #2.

Thank you, Hal. That’s definitely a jewel worth revisiting from time to time.

IIRC, it was actually 18 inches, and perhaps double-headed.

18"DHIBJD, I think.

Burn a dog.

Demand cites from anyone who says something suspect.

Yeah, I was gonna search so that I could get it right but the search function puked up an error. Speaking of which, any reference to a slow, balky message board ought to twig with most of us.