Creative Problem Solving

Yesterday at work, early morning, I had just poured myself a cup of fresh, HOT coffee. So I’m reading my emails, waiting for the stuff to cool down so I can drink it, when I notice a movement out of the corner of my eye. I glance over, and there is a small (half-inch) cockroach cautiously crawling up the wall behind my desk.

I think: “Hmmmm, that’s weird, I’ve never seen any bugs up here. What the hell should I do? If I smack it with something, I’ll have a roach-stain on my wall and that’ll never come out. Plus if I miss, it’ll be crawling around under my desk and I really can’t have that.”

I wish I had something to spray but I don’t and the time to act is now. Suddenly, inspiration strikes. I pour off a little of the coffee into another, empty, paper cup. I slowly reach out with the cup until it’s just underneath the now motionless roach. With a quick movement, I slide the cup upward so that the lip dislodges the pest and it falls neatly into the cup, where, a quick glance confirms, the roach has been killed instantly. Wow! it worked! I’m so proud of myself! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What have you done recently that showed a little ‘outside the box’ problem solving that made you proud?

I believe that I am relatively famous within my family for random, simple fixes using whatever items happen to be within reach. However, I can’t particularly think of any except the one where I had it pointed out to me that I did such things regularly. In that instance, we had a little 4 year old visitng, and he decided to go exploring out the front door. So after that happened once, I got a shoebox and attached it to the door handle with a rubber band. (Loop rubber band around knob base, cover nob with empty box, reach hand under to grab band, stretch band around box, and attach loop back to knob from the other side of the box.)

Didn’t think of any solutions for his penchant to hit the power button on the computer except watchfulness, though…

But recently, I have personally been proud of the fact that I built my own desk (as in, draw design on graph paper, buy wood, cut it appropriately, drill holes, and screw it all together–not as in, “I assembled something from Ikea”.) And in modern day apartment living, this could possibly be considered as out-of-the-box…? Perhaps? Either way, I’m just happy that it actually looks good.

I was taking apart my weight bench and couldn’t get the flathead end out of the screwdriver I was using. No pliers around, so I put the bit (I think you’d call it a bit) in the crack behind the closet door (just above the bottom hinge), closed the door until it gripped and pulled the bit out. Nothing spectacular, but I was pretty proud.