Creepy Dakota Fanning Ads

Has anyone seen the Marc Jacobs ads in magazines like W, Vogue and Interview? They feature a waifish, frightened-looking Dakota Fanning in creepy basement-type locations. Opinions?


This one’s better over in IMHO.

samclem GQ moderator

I can no longer hear about Fanning without thinking of this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t Dakota Fanning sort of specialize in being a frightened waif in creepy locations? When she’s not a creepily precocious waif, that is.

My opinion: It’s hard to take a bad picture of Ms. Fanning, but this photographer gave it the good old college try.

I think Dakota Fanning gets a bad rap. I find her refreshingly non-obnoxious, cute, talented, and well-spoken. What’s not to like?

The fact that someone would start a thread on the SDMB aobut these ads means they are probably working. Or perhaps Hazle Weatherfield works for a viral ad agency.

Does she? (I’m really asking; I don’t know).

I like her quite a bit, myself. I’m hoping she still has a career when she’s grown up. She could end up being a fascinating actress.

Yes, I’ve noticed that some folks around here find her precocious and creepy; neither of which seem like good descriptors from what I can tell. I think her parents are helping her manage her career so that she will be able to act (and stay grounded) as an adult.

I adore Fanning and think she’s a fantastic actor, but that had me almost in tears.