Crest Hires Chef Emeril To Be Frontman

Crest hired Emeril to be their frontman for the new toothpaste line that is coming out in a few months. The new flavors are:
Cinnamon and Herbal. <yuk>

Does Emeril have a nice smile? He just seems like an odd choice for a toothpaste job. Vanessa Williams (IMO) represents a good smile and frontperson for the job. I wonder if they will phase her out?

I have never seen Emeril. Is his cooking show complex?

I saw the first commercial. I thought I was seeing things. It was actually very funny, if you know Emeril.

His cooking show is fun to watch, but not very practical. He never gives measures, and works extremely quickly. It’s more of a personality show than a cooking show.

I think you can get most of the recipes for Emeril’s shows at Food TV’s website.

Emeril will sell anything for anyone. I think he has sold out. Some of his stuff is just awful to look at and yet people like him. He was good once, but I never watch him now.

[Emeril]If you don’t brush that Essence of Emeril off your teeth with Crest after a good meal, you’ll get a real BAM! the next time you go to the dentist! Right Hilda? You bet honey![/Emeril]

Herbal flavored toothpaste? Isn’t part of the reason we brush besides good dental hygiene, getting the taste of food out of your mouth?

Haven’t seen any of the commercials, but if I laugh once, that will accomplish more than the short run of his sirtcom ever did for me.