Next Food Network Star

Sorry if I missed a thread. I did searches but didn’t find anything.

Anyway, did anyone else watch this? It’s a show on Food Network (duh!) where they say they’re looking for a new host of a cooking show.

There have been two episodes so far. Eight contestants (one is a gay couple, so nine people total).

I liked it, though I found the editing terribly intrusive.

I saw the episodes last night, and liked it, but was angered at the judges for their choiuce on who to eliminate. Clearly, the chioce was the blond girl. Her only redemming quality is that she is attractive. The food she made looked like crap, the 5 min demo she did was wrong. Not only did she just make the final product (OK, an easy mistake) but she was horrible at then trying to correct her mistake. Pauses, lots of umms, etc…The only good thing I saw her do was in her “Stress-test”, when her piping bad was clogged, she quickly jsut used a small, ziplock bag.

So why was the culinary arts teacher dismissed? Who knows. My theory? Bobby Flay didn’t like him and sent him packing, even though he wasn’t a judge. He was very judgmental of his “flair” when he used the peppermill. I thought it looked cool, just one little quirky thing he does, like Emiril’s “Bam,” and Flay basically told him he should never do thast ever unless he “brings it,” whatever that means. (I hate Bobby Flay.)

So, of the people left, my fav. is either the gay couple (they have a great dynamic…but what if they berak up?) and the guy with the poofy hair.

I liked the gay couple, too, and I have a soft spot for Hans. Hans! I want to watch “Cooking Vith Hans!” If it would involve lederhosen, all the better.

Brook didn’t do well in front of the camera. I thought he was attractive and obviously bright, so I hoped he’d stick around. The blonde, Harmony, seems a disaster waiting to happen.

Oh, and they kept showing commercials for next week during the first episode, so I knew some of the people who were staying. Annoying!

I like the poofy-hair guy the best. He seems to be having the most fun and therefore the most fun to watch.

I also like Eric. He gets so nervous in front of the camera I just want him do do well.

Bobby Flay is a total wiener. I think he arranged to have the judges slowly pick away at his competition for the blonde.

Of course if the blonde wins she can join my Nude Food Extravaganza with Giada de Laurentis, Rachel Ray and the Mostly Homemade lady. :smiley:

Whenever I see Bobby Flay, I have an incredible urge to smack him upside the head. What a tool!

I don’t dislike either of these guys, though I do wish that the egg-spinning guy from the semi videos had made it in before them.

Because that guy was cool.

jsgoddess, I thought the spinning (peppermill, egg) guy seemed a little cocky. He may have had the potential to unseat Bobby Flay as king of the jackasses. Maybe Bobby saw this and felt threatened.

The tricks (show cooking?) were pretty cool. I’ll be practicing at home for sure.

I agree.

The gay couple are very nice and… I wouldn’t watch their show. They are the most boring of the contestants, IMHO.

Really? I liked their chemistry. The taller (Dan?) seemed a little too serious, but I liked the way they worked together.


It’s over! Anyone catch the last episode last night? I was more than a little surprised to see Deborah outlast Susannah and Hans - she just bored the hell out of me.

Actually, this whole series has been like that though. I originally liked the first guy to go (Brook maybe?). Then I was thinking Mean Cuisine Eric was a contender. Nope! Then I was sure it’d be Hans and Susannah in the final two, and, well you know how that goes.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty weak crop of contestants. Seems like out of 10,000 people they could at least get 10 compelling hopefuls.

I was glad the guys won it, even though I don’t find them especially fascinating. I tried to vote for them but the FN site was hosed. I wonder how many people actually got through? It’d be funny if the vote was something like 43 to 20.

Hopefully next season (assuming there is one) will be a little more interesting. At least it was blissfully short. Maybe Fox can learn something here.

I am so pleased that Deborah did not win. I found her very patronising and extremely irritating.

Go Dan and Steve!

Same here. I’ve been laughing out loud reading people talking about her on the televisionwithoutpity boards. I had already blocked out her crazy malapropisms…

“We’re going to fry the chicken then marinate the chicken then we’ll come back and eat the chicken.”

“Stay with me, I’m out of time.”

Gotta love it. :smiley:

That’s Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch, isn’t it? He has to be. He’s aged very well.

I don’t think Bobby Flay’s camera crew likes him very much. I saw this show recently where he was doing a culinary exploration of the Hamptons, wearing a tight gray t-shirt the whole time.

That was the day I realized that Bobby Flay has enormous man nipples. I don’t think he realized how prominent they were, and I don’t think the camera crew cared to tell him. They could have called it “Meet Bobby Flay’s Nipples,” I mean, they were enormous.
As far as Next Food Network Star goes, I was a Hans fan, though I stopped watching after they got rid of Harmony. I’d watch her burn food any day.