Criminal Minds is My New Favorite Thing ('specially Reid..swoon)

A location scout for Criminal Minds knocked on my door a few months ago about filming in my house. This was cool for $$ reasons, but we got to talking about the show, which I had never seen. (They didn’t end up filming here, but they may at some point down the line).

The scout told me about Shemar Moore, and what a chick magnet he is, and I have always loved Mandy Patinkin, so I tivo’d it to give it a look.

Well, first of all, Moore is so shiny, perfectly, ridiculously beautiful he’s more like a cartoon of a beautiful man, than a real one.

And does absolutely nothing for me, like a porcelain statue.

On the other hand… I promptly went completely gaga over “Dr. Spencer Reid” - and Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays him. I just melted. And I recently turned a friend on to him and she’s with me 100% so I know I’m not crazy.

But in the middle of developing an overpowering cougar-crush, I also got into the show in a big way, which is way more entertaining than it has any right to be, and I’m not completely sure why. But again… my friend went there as well.

I much prefer Patinkin to Montegna, by miles, but even so…last night’s episode was devastating.

So… any other SM fanatics in the house? Reid groupies? God, he slays me completely…

(For those who checked this thread without having watched the show…which seems not that likely, Reid is a socially awkward, completely endearing and kinda unbelievable genius with an “eidetic memory”, a 187 IQ, the ability to read 20,000 words a minute, and 3 Phds. And he’s completely adorable.

Well I pretty much agree with everything you say about Reid/Gubler. Wonderfully attractive in a non-sterotypic way.

I prefer Mantegna to Patinkin, but no matter. Last night’s ep. was devasting. Some brilliant acting in there, by the actor who plays Hodge (sp?) & the actress who played his ex-wife.

The investigation wrap-around thing was unnecessary.

This is such a well done show, but I can only watch it every week or two, cause too much serial killer stuff just out and out depresses me, even if it’s fiction.

Matthew Gray Gubler used to be a model before he got into acting. I think he’s pretty, but he’s looked a little too grungy on the show recently for my liking.

I used to like Patinkin (and his character on the show, Gideon) but the story of how he just walked off the set one day has greatly lessened my view of him. On the other hand, I have always loved Joe Mantegna, and I totally love Rossi on the show.

I may be alone in not liking the recent storyline arc. I mean, this show has always dealt with dark things, but there always were some moments of levity that balanced it out. I don’t know how they are going to interject levity back into this team, unless Hotch leaves.

OK, this is a tangent but it made me so angry I have to vent. All along, Derek has referred to Garcia as “babygirl” and they flirt. While that irks me since it’s amazingly unprofessional, I’ve learned to live with it as a conceit of this kind of show. I figured they became friendly over time and this is what developed. But then I saw the first show where Derek interacted with Garcia.

Him to some other guy: What’s the name of the new tech?
OG: Gomez I think.
Derek: Hey, Gomez?
–Garcia doesn’t react, understandably since she’s not named Gomez–
Derek: Hey, babygirl.

UM WHAT THE HELL??? You don’t know someone’s name, and what you call them to get their attention is not, Miss, or Excuse Me, or something vaguely, I don’t know, POLITE?? but “babygirl”??

Unfortunately she says, “‘Babygirl’? I’ve been called worse” instead of ripping him a new asshole, so he keeps it up.
Whew. Anyhoo, I am very happy Patinkin is gone as I have hated him since Chicago Hope, so I like the show better now. Last night’s was really good, and I am with you on the Reid-love.

He was also good in 500 Days of Summer.

I started watching this summer, I think, and catch the show when I remember that it’s on. Matthew Gray Gubler is, as you say, rather attractive, and the show’s generally pretty good as well.

Matthew Gray Gubler has an interesting website too, gublerland. His twitter is Gublernation.

Explore, enjoy :slight_smile:

Periodically I become almost obsessed with certain TV shows. I start by watching them once in a while, and then suddenly can’t get enough of them. That’s how it is now for me with *Criminal Minds. *Now that it’s in syndication I can watch it several times a day, and often I do. I love all of the male characters, each in his own way–Moore, Gibson, Gubler, Mantegna. The show is dark, too dark sometimes, but there’s just something about it I really, really like.

I’ve seen the show a few times; I consider it “filler” to watch when I can’t find a L&O or CSI franchise to watch. Maybe I’ll like it more when I get into it more deeply.

In general, I like both Mandy and Mantegna, but in this show, Mandy is such a SOURPUSS that I can’t stand him. Does he always scowl like that? Or just in the half-a-dozen episodes I’ve seen? Mantegna is his usual brilliant self.

But Reid is easily the most interesting character, I’ll agree with you all on that…TRM