Cringeworthy moments in tng

The *Enterprise *has just been bombarded with an X-ray burst after coming too close to a star:

TROI: Captain, the level of tension on the ship is mounting!

No shit, Counselor! Just because circuits and panels are blowing out everywhere? Get a grip on it, people, get a grip! So what if you’ve all just been subjected to a lethal dose of radiation?

Can I put down the entirety of the first season blaxploitation episode?

Troi devolving into some kind of blurping amphibian in Genesis. I’d say all of Genesis, but Barclay becoming a bad-ass spider was funny.

And Jonathon Frakes flipping the bird in that episode was hilarious.

What was the one with the masks? That one was…odd.

Tasha Yar’s “Just Say NO” speech to Wesley inSymbiosis.


Eff. Tee. Double-u.

Sorry, maybe this will explain it better.

That has my favorite “acting w/o special effects” moment in all of TNG. I’m very happy that page has a screenshot of it, but it barely does the actual scene justice

Masks. :smiley: Yes, that was a weird one.

Masks was weird, but I really liked Brent Spiner’s performance.

My vote’s for The Last Outpost, where they first encounter the Ferengi. Builds them up as this huge threat, then has them cringing and bouncing like the apes from 2001.

Morons in Space.

Hillbillys in Space.

I really should have to provide titles, most anyone knowing TNG series will recognize them immediately.

I was a HUGE fan of this series back in the day, but I have to say that I find pretty much ALL of it cringe-worthy nowadays.

Particularly bad, the “Outrageous Okie-Dokie”, the one with the fourth-rate, off-brand Han Solo character whom Counselor Troi describes in ex-CRUC-iating detail in what is about the worst exposition dump in televised history.

That’s the one with my all-time favorite Natasha Yar line: “Troi! You’re my *friend *and you *tricked *me!”

Always reminds me of those little aliens in Toy Story 2: “You have saved our lives! We are eternally grateful!” The woman couldn’t act her way out of a room with four doors.

Didn’t the same thing happen to Janeway on Voyager? :dubious:

If you don’t like being genetically de-evolved into primitive species, you should not have joined Star Fleet.

Kind of a shame, because Billy Campbell (who played Okona) has been around for years and played a lot of better characters. According to IMDb, he was Roddenberry’s first choice to play Riker; don’t know if this role was dreamed up as some sort of consolation prize. I know some people who know him; say he’s a really good guy.

Well the Picard speech to Q has got to be in there: “We’re not just any sentient species, we had Shakespeare bruh”

And generally those first few eps. Data would say they’ve detected a ship on long range sensors and then there’d be 10 seconds of booming orchestral score while the crew take turns to look at each other.

No, no, no. She and Tom Paris evolved into amphibian creatures. Troi was turning into a creature from her species evolutionary history. Janeway was turning into a creature from her species evolutionary future. Totally different :wink: .

Is one of those the Rustic Irish People in Space one?

“Will ye wash me feet, William Riker?” <GAG>