Crisis of Faith - FOX's The Complex: Malibu

I posted this a while back in my journal, but seeing a commercial for the show prompted me to post here as well.

A few week ago my Aunt & Uncle came over to check out my new apartment. While they were here they told me some news about my cousin and his SO. They’re going to be on a Reality show. When my Uncle said that I think I actually let out a little scream of horror.

He was quick to explain that it’s a “good” reality show (the quotes are mine) and went on to explain the premise. There’s this complex of unfinished condos in Malibu and they are having eight couples move in and finish them. They have some budget (~50K, IIRC) and will be completely sequestered (no outside contact) while they do so. At the end all the condos will go on the market and the one that sells for the highest price is the winner and the couple that did the winning condo gets to keep the proceeds from the sale of the other condos.

He said there would be challenges along the way and couples could be dismissed. And that if a couple is dismissed early, they could send them on an all expense paid vacation to like Barbados or something to keep them sequestered until the show is in the can and ready to air.

They are in LA now, and will be gone for six weeks. They may be back now, actually. The show debuts on August 30th.

The crisis of faith comes in because I have never watched a reality show and never ever wanted to, and in fact I slam them every chance I get. But I also feel I should show support for my cousins (family obligations and all that) by watching and even getting others to watch. But that would make me part of the problem! It would be bad enough to watch myself, but actually urging someone else to compromise themselves??! The Horror!!! :smack:
Yes, the entry is at least partly tongue-in-cheek. Everyone please watch The Complex: Malibu and root for my cousins - Brad and Lew - to take it all!!!

Hard as it may be to believe, this was apparently the biggest show EVER in Australia (where it originated).

Of course I’ll watch it, because I am TV’s bitch.

One down, 293,857,881 to go.

And you are going to root for my cousins, right? :dubious:

One of us… one of us…

Actually, if it interferes with any real[sup]1[/sup] shows then I won’t watch it… but I might tape it. It isn’t interfering with Tru, is it?!?

  1. fake[sup]2[/sup]

  2. fiction

I sincerely doubt it. Tru doesn’t come back until like November. This starts on Aug 30 and I think it only runs for about 6 weeks or so.

But, even if it was going to run while there were new episodes of Tru it wouldn’t conflict because it’s the same network.

Okay. But just because you asked.

(Actually, it sounds like a fun premise – and I’m a total slut for a good reality show.)

Even though I’m getting sick of home repair shows, it IS on FOX, so there must be twists and drama aplenty.

I’ll root for your cousins unless they remind me of the following people:

Scott, Jase, Holly - Big Brother 5
Mirna - The Amazing Race 5
Flo - The Amazing Race 3 or 4?
Tammy N. - Trading Spouses
Omarosa - The Apprentice
Alison - The Amazing Race 5/Big Brother 4
Anyone on any season of The Real World or Road Rules
Paige Davis - Trading Spaces
Oh hell, I could go on forever. It would take me less time to name anyone I’ve ever liked on a reality show.

I’m thinking…

Ya know what? I’m hard to please, so your cousins are screwed. :wink:

I’ll only watch if there’s going to be hardcore nudity.

Wait, what am I saying, it’s FOX! Of course there will be hardcore nudity!

Are your cousins hot?

Their picture is up, Otto. I think they are hot, but I’ll admit that I’m biased.

Brad & Lew. Lew is my cousin, Brad his SO.

But they are such nice guys! C’mon. Root for them. If I don’t get every person in the country to watch and root for them then the terrorists have won! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, you need to check the link. I do believe the answer is YES.

Yeah, FOX would never move a show around, preempt it, or cancel it because of a reality show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bite me! :wally

Thanks, scout - if I can drum up some more positive replies I think I might link them to this thread.

I’m sort of the anti-slut when it comes to any reality show. Of course my having to watch is a win-win for my friends because now I’ll no longer feel entitled to rant self-righteously about these show being the down fall of our civilization.

Shamless plug/bump

They’ve updated the website, and now there are videos of all the couples!

Go check out how great Lew & Brad are and get ready to root for them come Aug 30th!!!

Another shameless bump & plug:
This debuts tomorrow night on Fox! Don’t forget to watch!!! (And root for my cousins, of course)

Nor would FOX ever claim to “delay” the remaining episodes of a reality show until June and then never show them. (cough Playing it Straight cough Forever Eden cough)

Yeah, Lew is attractive. I guess I’ll be rooting for him now, since I tend to watch/scrutinize/become addicted to/ any show that includes gay men or themes. Thanks for letting us know; I hadn’t heard anything about this show before.

Thanks, MaceMan! I told him and Brad that I was trying to get him a following on the SD, but it’s been an uphill battle!

I’ll be watching the show from their shop - it should be a blast!

Does anyone know where in Malibu the show was taped? It’d be cool to claim that I live nearby. :smiley: