Crocodile falls to earth in Russian nuclear town

Words truly, truly fail me. National Inquirer headlines are turning up in reputable news outlets

The thing that gets me is that it wasn’t harmed by a fall from the 12th storey!

…but what did it think it was doing…?

I think the Elton John tour might be missing a prop.

When will Peter Pan leave that poor crocodile alone? Trying to make it fly? Honestly, he needs to grow up!

Who would win in a fight?

The Flying Croc or the 8 Foot Lego Man!

I wish the 8 foot Lego Man had caught the Flying Croc. That would have been so cool.

It was a hazing ritual for Zeeba Zeeba Eata.

“Honey — I was playing catch with your pet crocodile and…well…did it look a little suicidal to you?”

Breeder reactors breed crocs. Who’d a thunk it.

See, people, this is what happens when the Weekly World News stops doing its job properly. Now all their headlines are escaping into reality. Before you know it, Hilary’s secret alien lover is going to fix the election.

I read the last work as “erection.” I’m still laughing.

See, you all make light. You laugh.

When battalions of Russian Soldiers on Flying Crocodiles invade, will you be laughing then?

I think not.

“Fell out of a window.” Sure.


The article says the crocodile was “leaning too far out of the window” as if it was just a normal day, croc nonchalantly standing there, leaning on the windowsill, watching the world go by…

The Lacoste Battalion…?

“Fashionably dressed and ready for battle, these Spetznaz have a savvy sense of style…”

In Russia, you put Crocs on head!