Think twice if a crocodile asks, "Gimme a hand, will ya?"

Warning–impending carnage

Bleary-eyed and yawning, I was checking my yahoo homepage this morning to see if any interesting subject lines were in my inbox.

“That sure looks like a crocodile with a severed human hand in its mouth there in the Most Emailed Photos section.”, I thought to myself.

Sure enough, there was even a second shot from a more gruesome angle just to make sure a few folks skip breakfast this morning.

“Whatever became of Thing from the Addams family?”

Seriously, though, I feel really sorry for the vet who lost that hand. Serious bummer.

Ugh. How long before Yahoo yanks those photos and replaces them with Knut?

How awful.

Sattua, in my sleep-deprived state, it took me a moment to realize that you typed “Knut.”

Fortunately I was not drinking coffee.

Yeesh. How horrible. Poor guy.

… And the scorpion says “It’s just my nature”.

It’s been sewn back on:

Ick again. Is it better to have a numb, non-functioning forearm, or no forearm at all?

I suspect I’d choose no forearm at all.

Reminds me of that John Irving book.

That croc looks oh so smug

From Ellef’s link:

Professor Farnsworth really should be stopped.

#1: Crocodiles get a LOT bigger than I thought.

#2. But they’re still not as dangerous as grizzly bears.

Aaaaaand the croc pictures have been replaced by baby elephants, on Yahoo’s “most emailed.” Yeah, right.

Forget the croc, didja read this part:

How the hell do you punish an anteater? Give it a time out? Spank it on the bum? No chocolate covered ants for you! ?!?!?! :confused: :confused:

#3: Anteaters are a lot bigger than I thought.

Unless the vet had an outlandishly large hand, that isn’t a particularly big crocodile.

Could he not hear the tick tock?

Who the heck was standing around taking pictures? ICK! I’d have dropped the camera and gone for help for the poor vet… sheesh.

I suppose his first mistake was smiling at the crocodile, but what did him in was dipping his hat and stopping to talk awhile.

Why in the good god would you use a tranquilizer dart on a Nile crocodile in the first place? My understanding is that anesthetizing large reptiles is a dodgy proposition to begin with, even under the best of circumstances; since their tissues don’t metabolize anesthetic agents at the same rate as a warm-blooded animal, there’s a fairly narrow window between anesthesia and euthanasia. Plus, if a croc’s hide is thick enough to deflect bullets, how can you be sure if a dart has delivered its contents completely? Lastly, why was the croc even able to bite the guy? Shouldn’t the jaws have been secured with a pole snare or something beforehand?