Cronuts™ - spawn of satan

These horrors*, these abominations*, are the work of some New York chef who has trademarked the term. Supposedly a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, apparently you take the layered croissant dough, and instead of baking it to flaky goodness, you cut it into doughnut shape, deep-fry it and then glaze it or otherwise saturate it with more sugar. Some even add pastry cream.

They are dense and chewy, unlike either a croissant or a doughnut, and of course they are uber-sweet and full of fat. Oh, god, why do they do this to me?

Some others are imitating them in other locations, and calling them things like doissants or cro-nots. They have now appeared in our coffee shop, and are selling out first thing every day.

Sure, go ahead, try one - if you never want to see what’s below your belly again.
*horribly delicious, abominably habit-forming

I can’t understand the appeal and it sounds like a waste of perfectly good croissant dough.

But I’m sure the next version will include real bacon in the dough.

I’m doomed.

Sparing the few flecks of flour incidental to its make up, the gluten-free version is a tub of grease with a spoon… :wink: