Cross Dressing mocks and insults women

It’s true!

His dress makes some cross

Women are offended!

But the crossdressing cur refuses to apolgize!


It’s true. People in our society really DO have it too good. Trey and Matt (of South Park) were right…

But can’t the woman in question be just as outraged and insulted in the kitchen as on the side of the street screaming shrilly and upsetting our sensibilities? I mean, please.

Wait a minute.

Someone is offended by a display of gender deconstruction by a public figure… in Northampton, Massachusetts?!?!? :confused:

I would just like to vent my outrage at the huge number of female transvestites I see on a daily basis. Don’t theyn know that trousers, shirts stockings (c.f. 17th Century) and flat shoes are men’s wear? Women should wear women’s clothes or nothing ( preferably nothing if it is warm enough :slight_smile: )

Damned women. They get the most comfortable underwear and then don’t let the men wear it.

I think it’s great what he did, it’s a shame they didn’t have a picture of the outfit.

Unfortunately, this woman’s attitude is a sadly common one. Male-to-female transexuals are often treated as poorly by women as they are by the men that threaten to beat them up. They find themselves snubbed or threated at lesbian bars and banned from women’s groups.

It’s a sickening attitude, and those that perpetrate it are sickening people. Three cheers for mayor Dwight!

Eh, they’re just jealous because he made them look bad.

Actually, posting at the Ms. boards, I see a LOT of hostility from a vocal minority, directed towards transgendered individuals and transvestites. Apparently, they’re not “true womyn”.

It’s really sad, isn’t it?

Say what? Most comfortable?

I’d be happy to let any man who wants to wear a g-string and underwire bra have some of my old ones to wear as much as he wants.