cross post?

It means posting the same thread in more than one forum. Also, this thread, being as it’s about how the Message Board works should be in About The Message Board. Check out the FAQ there and figure out the forum guidelines before you post again, for best results. Don’t want to irk the powers that be. :slight_smile:

First, go to “About This Message Board” and read the rules.

You already put something about this in MPSIMS ( I think) and that might do, but it could also go in IMHO.

In either case, it should be only in one forum at a time: the right one.

And you don’t have to create a new thread for every question.

Again, read ATMB.

… Did a Mod just move this thread while I was posting? Crazy, man. I got dizzy there for a second.

This is an example of cross-posting.
And wherever the fuck else you’ve posted it.

Not that it matters any longer. I’ve banned you. Goodbye.

Well, in my experience the Mods. are more than willing to allow “cross-posting” to the extent that an answer (not an OP) in one forum also serves to elucidate the discussion in another. It’s a matter of good judgment. If this post served to clarify the apparent board policy in a Pit rant on the subject of cross-posting, I’d feel no sense of impropriety in quoting it verbatim over there, and I believe the Mods. would accept it as a useful and appropriate contribution to the discussion.

On the other hand, if I were selling my (hypothetical) book The World According to Polycarp and opened a thread in each forum ballyhooing my book, at least seven of them would get shut down post haste and I could expect stern correspondence from a Mod. or Admin. about it. :slight_smile:

It’s a matter of good judgment. And, of course, there’s nothing to be lost by e-mailing a Mod. and asking before posting.

I think you should sticky this one as an example for all the young kids out there who think smoking dope won’t hurt them.

Yes, I did.

And that’s exactly correct, Polycarp; you’ve made an excellent distinction. You are a wise man.

UncleBeer, or any mod/admin for that matter, I’ve got a bit of a problem which cross-posting may or may not resolve. I was involved in a discussion in Great Debates when this pit thread got spawned. The premise of the pit thread was quickly handled, but some of the discussion spilled over from the GD thread into the pit thread.

I asked the poster who was on the other side of the issue to hop back into GD with me to hash out our differences in the original context, but she declined, thinking this was something which would be easily settled and not worth the effort to head to GD for. Turns out it’s gone a good number of posts on both sides and there is some material in the pit thread which really, really belongs in the GD thread. I’m hesitant to cross-post my contributions, and quotes of the contributions of others, from the pit into GD, especially since the other parties don’t want to go there.

The content is more properly on topic and relevant to the GD thread(as a couple other posters in the pit thread have noted), but my desire to move it doesn’t seem compelling enough to take other’s contributions out of their original context without their consent.

Any ideas on what should happen in this situation?


We can’t force people to go over to GD. But you did the correct thing in suggesting to people that debating the issue more properly belongs in the Great Debates forum.

smoke, if you take some time to lurk, & learn a bit about this Board, I promise you’ll have a lot more fun here.

And I’m an “old hand” on this Board. Check my post count/registration date.

I think I’ll just let it lie. As of now both threads have links in them to the other thread(in the OP of the pit thread and a link posted by Tars Tarkas in the GD thread). I guess it’s not really that important to have it all in one place.


That’s what comes of smoking dope 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 366 weeks a year…hmmm