Crunchy Frog Bares ALL!!!

…well, almost…

Those nefarious folks over at Fathom have apparently happened on a picture of CF: see the link

That thread title is just too scary.

HA! ChiefScott was scared. It is too laugh. That thread title scared the hell out of me. Then when I saw that it came from Fathom (where I understand Honesty posts) I really got scared. I won’t give details, but I will say there are some rather comprimising pix of me out there. Mostly taken in my hard-drinking days.

Now give me a second while my heart-rate returns to normal.

I’ll get you Polycarp. I’m at work and have to wait another 5 hours before I can change my shorts. (smilie withheld due to CheifScott’s presence in the thread)

I had no idea Crunchy was so damn delicious looking.

You didn’t? I must have sent that pic to someone else then!

That’s exceedingly odd…:eek:

I just remembered, isn’t it rather well-known that I’m not wearing any pants in my People Pages picture?

Confession: No, Crunchy, I got them.

Pics for sale!!

Get them while they’re HOT!!

Pics for sale!!!

Turnabout’s fair play, my sweet.

Who wants to see why Silly Rabbit is my favorite newbie?

I gotcher pics right here!

See the un-cropped version of her People Pages pix, right here!

Get 'em while you can, these babies are in high demand!