Third picture down.

Notice anything funny?


And they didn’t notice? After they processed the photos or after they posted them?

How much extra would you have to pay for FiFi and Sparky?


The preceding onomatopoeia depicts the sound of my coffee hitting the keyboard when I finally spotted it.

Dear lord. What a moment to capture for posterity.

You mean other than the fact that the couch on the right needs reupholstering?



Wow. I can’t believe no one caught that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it is Danville, after all.

Thanks B_D, that made my morning complete. :smiley:

What a fun link to throw around the office! :slight_smile: Thx.

Ahhhh…all the comforts of home…hardwood floors, fireplace, 2 dogs humping in the backyard, comfy furniture, spacious - WHAT THE - :o

Enough about the dogs. How about that hottie Loretta.

I’d give her a piece of the rock.

That me geek laugh so loud I had to explain some things to my co-workers. Thanks for the humor!

You need to explain that first part of the sentance for me.

It perfect sense me.

I don’t get why you guys assume this was inadvertant. This seems like a pretty blatant example of “sex sells” to me.

Yep. Viral marketing.

Well you hit the bigtime Bruce, this picture is up on Fark now in a Straight Dope thread.

Bwhaaaaaa! Oh man, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. This one’s gettin’ emailed to every other degenerate bastard I know. Hell, even a nun would have to laugh at that!

If THIS is the sort of ‘sex sells’ message that would actually work on a person, would you WANT that person moving in next door? :smiley:


Bruce_Daddy, how the hell did you come across that! Frickin’ hilarious! Thanks for sharing.