google did it again!

Another great search tool from Google:

This in addition to the regular excellent search engine, and the usenet search engine ( ).

That’s good. I need pictures for Photoshop and it’s a pain to get good ones.


Excellent! I’ve been looking for something like that for the last couple of years. Leave it to Google. Thanks for letting us know about it, curwin.

typing in the word “clit” gives you a top choice of Comparative Literature at Oberlin.

I’ve been playing on that since you posted the link!

Way cool!

It’s so much better than Alta Vista’s image search.


Okay, so I typed in “felch.”

It came up with a picture of a Dr. Felch, a fairly innocuous, ordinary looking person.

[bold]MY GOD! Do you comprehend how awful it would be to have the name Dr. Felch?[/bold] Anyway.

Oh great. Just what I need…another place to find pictures.

Thanks…now I’m going to be glued to my computer even MORE than usual!
Guin runs off to look for Alexander of Yugoslavia, the Romanovs, Glenn Miller and Omar Sharif

Whoa. Turn off the Mature Content Filter and find all manner of stuff.

I input Cecil Adams & dont know which of the results is him.

So what else is new?

Lycos has had an image search for years.

I put in SDMB and got Uncle Beer.

This is why I’m leery of using any search engine or software that displays images directly, instead of just links. I’d be worried that some underage images might accidentally download to my computer.

Well, I haven’t seen anything that looks like questionable underage images. Lots of other kinds of questionable images (after typing in ‘felch’-thanks a lot, Chickenhead :p), but not that.


Ooooooo, pictures!


Just plugged in my last name and brought up tons of Germans totally unrelated to me, and copies of my ex-wife’s book. Neat!


They give certification for that??

I wouldn’t worry about it. Anyone who uses newsgroups for porn gets the odd sicko pic occasionally, and it’s not like the FBI tracks all child porn and barges into the homes of any computer that happens across one. As repulsive as it may be, it’s nothing to worry about if you’re not already a pervert.

It’s a cool search engine, for sure.


You all know that you can customise google, don’t you?

You can select set your preferences so that certain options are exluded or included (I only discovered this myself when I got a LOT of foreign language sites on something I googled).