Crush! Kill! Destroy!

That phrase appeared in a movie, I believe uttered by a robot.

What was the title, & the character’s name, please?

It was uttered by an alien character on an old b&w episode of the Lost in Space series

It sounded alot scarier when I was a snot nosed punk watching the repeat @ my cousin’s jouse on channel 5.

According to TV Tome, it was a robot called OMEGA-IDAK in the Lost In Space Episode entitled: Revolt of the Androids

Dangit! I knew that one and I still didn’t get to answer first.

It was also said by the Robot in the Lost In Space movie remake when Dr. Smith reprogrammed it to …well, crush, kill, and destroy the Jupiter 1 and its occupants.

Also said by the Robot toy if you push its buttons. (Then again, so do I)

It was also uttered by the lovely Jennifer Sky in an ep of the classic TV show “Cleopatra 2525,” in which she is acting like a robot.

Wow, someone else has seen that show.

[brag]I only watched it because my (ex) girl was the star. [/brag]

Damn, I also knew this one and was beat to it.

In the original “Outer Limits” ep “Soldier”, lucky bastard Michael Ansara plays “Quarlo,” a soldier from the future who has been programmed all his life to kill. When his helmet falls off, a recording (obviously part of the “programming”)can be heard saying, "Kill! . . . Kill! . . . Kill!. . . "

A couple weeks ago I was riding my bicycle home a different route & had to stop at a train crossing. Someone had written KRUSH KILL DESTROY in Krylon on one of the boxcars. I laughed because I remembered the line from the old Lost in SpaceTV series of the 60s.