Crying news anchors on CNN

Is it just me?
Chris Cuomo crying about the family that lost many members to corona.
Brooke Bauduin crying over something.
Tonight Don Lemon crying over Chris Cuomo’ s diagnosis of the virus.

I remember seeing footage of Cronkite kinda breaking up about JFKs assassination.

But these people are in full waterworks, tears, sniffling, voices cracking.

I need my news anchors to be tougher. This isn’t gonna get easier. People are gonna sicken, some will die.

It worries me.

…can you be a bit more specific about how this handful of anecdotes about a handful of people displaying emotion about each other during a global pandemic worries you?

I totally understand fear and worrying about loved ones and friends.
I’m sincerely worried for mankind.
This pandemic scares me more that I can say.

I just need the news anchors to be more professional when they read the news.
I want facts and a fair reporting of how things are going in other places. So I can best mitigate the danger, and try to help myself and my family.

That’s why it worries me.

If it’s any better, I’ve seen Rachel hold back tears of rage on certain segments involving bidding wars for ventilators and PPE equipment. I was angry with her.

…are you expecting news anchors to be robots? Can you define the level of professionality you expect?

And are you going to get any less facts or fair reporting because Chris Cuomo cried about the family that lost many members to corona? You won’t be able to mitigate the danger and help yourself and your family because Brooke Bauduin (did you mean Brooke Baldwin?) cried when she listened to the story of a woman who couldn’t be with her mother at the moment she passed away?

What is it exactly that worries you though? I’m worried about a disinformation campaign put out by the current administration. I’m worried about the media falling into the exact same traps they fall into during the 2016 run up to the election. I’m worried that the media will not treat the current crisis as seriously as Hillary’s emails. I’m not worried at all if an anchor gets emotionally upset by an emotionally upsetting story. They are human. What do you expect?

I’m with Beck. You need to check your emotions at the door if you’re doing the news.

Talk shows or opinion shows are a different story.

That being said, we’re not robots. So I would not be unsympathetic towards journalist who make the occasional slip up.

My ex wife told me the “Oh the humanity!” guy was severely criticized for his display of emotion. Which was a big WTF to me. How could you NOT be flipping out over that tragedy?

Err… to clarify, I was angry ALONG with her. Not angry at her for being angry. :smack:

I feel like a lot of the time these cable news personalities are looking for their big viral moment of recognition any way they can get it.

“Wow Chris Cuomo broke down today on air. I now have all the feels. you HAVE to watch this. #alonetogether

I cried along with the news anchors. I’m a big softy. But I learned nothing during the crying.
Except I felt sadder.

Really, Don Lemon was seriously upset. He cried over 2 commercial breaks. His guest was comforting him. He should not have been on air. Cuomo is not in the hospital or on a ventilator, that they are reporting. It seemed a bit much.
Just sayin’

We knew what you meant. At least I did, anyway.

Christian Cuomo has the virus. He’s allowed to be a little worked up about it right now.

Chris Cuomo is on air right now. From his basement.

(I assume it was taped earlier in the evening)

I gotta say I don’t have that much sympathy for a bunch of privileged idiots on TV crying, c’mon man part of your job in essence is to try and keep people calm, stiff upper lip.

Yeah, he also doesn’t need to be on tv. Take a week off, ffs.

I certainly don’t expect or want news anchors to be robots, but I don’t want them to be emotional, either. I don’t know how old you are, but once upon a time, news anchors were supposed to be professionals who didn’t try to color the news with their own emotions. That’s why Cronkite choking up over the news that Kennedy had died was such a big deal. I guess we’ve become so used to news anchors tearing up, chuckling, or getting all angry about the news that we’ve forgotten they’re supposed to be objective.

…this hasn’t been true since the birth of the 24 hour news cycle. We are now in the age of the 1 hour news cycle. Since when did anyone treat Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon with the reverence of Cronkite? Cuomo is more of a pundit than a news anchor anyway. He’s always worn his opinions on his sleeve.

The news hasn’t been objective in a very long time. We wouldn’t be in the mess that we are now if this weren’t the case. Its a bit late **now **to be worried about objectivity just because of a handful of anecdotes about people doing things that I would assume any of us might tear up about. Chris Como recently traded personal barbs several times with his brother the Governor of New York. Surely that is a more serious test of objectivity than a bit of crying?

Our priorities have gotten all out of whack. The appearance of objectivity is more important than actually being objective.

I remember when news people were expected to be emotionless robots. Then some station allowed their people to joke with each other on the air. It was a major breakthrough. If it’s appropriate for them to show sadness or anger, it’s part of their job. I want them to be human beings first.

Her name’s Brooke Baldwin.

Sounds like you want this bloke.

The best thing he can do is be emotional. His message tonight was that people should stop thinking they are immune and follow the guidelines - since that is the only thing that can help.

Anyhow, he isn’t a news anchor - he is a person doing interviews, reporting on some news, and giving opinions. News anchors shouldn’t cry, Cuomo isn’t one.

IMO if you don’t want to see news anchors be people when they deliver the news you should read the news not watch someone tell you the news. I’ve never seen a story on the AP website start crying while I was reading it.