CSI 1/9 (Vegas version) SPOILERS

Okay, this was a very gross one…they sent the victim through a meat grinder, and we had had hamburgers for dinner. :eek:

It seemed rather convuluted…the hostess stabbed the chef because he was cheating on her, but I still don’t know how she got nail polish on the handle. I can’t imagine a way she could have been holding the knife that would have gotten nail polish on it. And then the sous chef chopped him up and the owner burned his suit because he had blood on it. I hope he had a spare suit lying around. I also didn’t buy the story of the chefs flinging blood around the kitchen as a “macho ritual.” I can’t see professional chefs doing that in an upscale restaurant.

I’m getting a little tired of dramas depicting bipolars as delusional. Certainly the “suicide” girl was exhibiting typical behaviour with her mood swings, but for the boyfriend, also bipolar, to think he was Jesus? Please.

I found it funny that both CSI and Law and Order this week had storylines of mentally ill people being killed by their parents. If the father had drugged the girl with 200mg of Valium, couldn’t he have passed that off as a suicide attempt? And couldn’t they tell from the angle of the cut that she didn’t inflict it on herself?

And what’s up with giving one character each week the night off? A few weeks ago we hardly saw Sara, then Katherine was MIA, and this time we hardly saw Nick.

All in all, a C. I’ve seen better.

I think the grossest part was the fact that they found seman in the kitchen. That alone warranted a full shut down of the restaurant, no?

I was confused about this episode as well. Why did the girl confess? Did she think that the other guys turned her in because they walked by? That whole restaurant was just messed up though, chefs cutting each other while preparing food and then flinging blood around? I hope it got shut down for good.

The nail polish on the knife was supposedly from her thumb, I guess it got caught and bent under so that it rubbed against the back of the knife.

So the nail polish was on the top part of the knife, right? And when they showed the reenactment of the hostess stabbing the chef in the back, it wasn’t clear to me how she was holding the knife. I guess if she had been holding it upside down and then stabbed him she would have left nail polish on the blade. But I’m no expert. Often when things get too convoluted on CSI I succumb to total suspension of disbelief and go with it.

I was mainly annoyed by Catherine calling “Meat is Murder” a Morrissey album. She’s a pretty hip character; wouldn’t she know?

Yah, I was kinda disappointed in this episode. I’ve only recently started watching CSI, and really enjoy it. There were a lot of holes in this episode. The nailpolish thing totally doesn’t make sense to me. Definitely a mediocre episode.