Cthulu Vs. Sushi chefs

Okay, inspired by the Lego Cthulu thread, i got to thinking…

if Cthulu (lets say hed taken on humanoidish form like in the User Freindly comic strip, do a search for Cthulu for strips featuring him) ) walked into a sushi resturant, how would the chefs react to him, would they be driven insane, or would they use him for sushi, after all, sushi chefs are used to working with octopus and squid as food…

I would definitely have to say insane. After all, he is bigger then most squids. Bigger then most ships, come to think of it.

MMMMM… Cthulushi

Or Cthulumari…

Ya know, I don’t get it. If the lucky ones are eaten first, why not have him for dinner instead?

Cthulu… it’s what’s for dinner.

“Watanabe, order more mustard.”

I don’t think Cthulhu would be in any danger of being sushified.

After all, sushi is no good if it isn’t fresh, and Cthulhu is one of the Great Old Ones.

Can you imagine a menu item, “Great Old Sushi”? Naaa.

On the other hand, I can imagine Donnie Joe’s Downhome BBQ serving up a heapin’ platter of Shub-Niggurath ribs.

Everybody do a whassup guy imitation:

Okay, just to prevent creating another thread, and dammit, i can hijack my own thread if i want, what about this one…

Og Vs. Cthulu…
<evil grin>

Or maybe Cthulhu’s like those giant squid that I’ve read about over the years – apparently they aren’t good eating due to ammonia in their flesh. :stuck_out_tongue: