Cthurkey: bizarre holiday dinner of the elder gods


What happens when this whole stuff one meat dish inside another inside another goes horribly, horribly wrong.

I swear, if those octopus tentacles moved during dinner, I’d fail my sanity check.

They went too far with the plate, but I like the dish.

…you gotta be fucking kidding.


Just beautiful, Ranchoth. (Love the movie, quote that scene every chance I get.)

Tentacles… why is it always tentacles?!!

Mmmmmmmmm. Cthurkey, the dark…dark meat.

Wow, I am just getting into the Cthulu Mythos and as soon as I saw the title to this thread my heart leaped! That thing looks freaky! Could you imagine if that thing were made real? I’d grab the nearest rock and brain myself. :smiley:

A suggestion to the creator: add a clockwork widget to the cooked meal that, every little while, gently moves the tentacles. :smiley:

Yeah, like deep-frying it is going to make it any safer.

I’ve seen enough hentai anime to know where this is headed…

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