Cultural response to deaths

While reading my psychology textbook, in passing it mentions that one culture holds a sexual orgy in response to the death of someone. Does anyone know anything about this culture and their reasoning / belief for it? The textbook does not tell the name of the culture or provide any more information than that.


While I do not know anything about the culture you mentioned, I recall that death is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, on the theory that we try to keep our species alive, and even more so when we see it endangered. That may provide some reason for a sexual orgy.

As for the rationale…maybe trying to counter death with a celebration of life?

Or to try and replenish the population?

Or the culture didn’t have booze or drugs, so an orgy was the only thing available to dull the pain of grief? :smiley:

Perhaps you are thinking of the Ronjeremian tribe.

I believe I have read that this occurs (occured?) in the rural areas of Ireland. Irish custom was once (maybe still is) that the wake takes place in the house of the deceased; during and after the wake people would copulate in the fields to celebrate and create new life, as Ranchoth mentioned. I hope I’m not unwittingly jumbling together a bunch of unrelated things I’ve heard to come up with this.