Curious about the percussion on a certain B-52s song

–which is “Give Me Back My Man.”

The percussion varies in timbre, and sounds almost like when you get a large sheet of metal, and sort of wave it back and forth?

Does anybody know what was used for this track? Thanks!

Are you talking about the hand clapping sounds (as opposed to the drumming or glockenspiel?) I think that’s just synth claps.

I’m pretty sure it’s synthesised hand-claps or just gated noise.
Whatever it is, it sounds the way it does because it’s run through a filter emphasising different frequencies on each ‘hit’.
Typically a synth filter would be driven by an ADSR envelope or be cycling*, but it doesn’t sound like it’s doing that in this case.
*Another option is sample-and-hold but the grouped hits sound a bit too organised for that.