What Instrument Is This?

The percussion instrument played between 1:33 and 2:03 of this clip.


Can you be more specific, I hear a handful of percussion instruments. Drums? Xylophone?

Here they are in studio. Whatever it is you’re looking for, the answer is probably ‘synthesizer’.

It’s deeper than the xylophone. It sounds like a combination of a drum and a wind instrument, if that makes sense (and I’m sure it doesn’t, sorry).

Here it is in a different song from a different era: Terry Snyder - Rock a Bongo Boogie - YouTube

It’s the drums (?) at the very beginning.

I hear it there. Almost sounds like when Blue Man Group hits the PVC tubes with ping pong paddles.

The percussion being played in the second piece sound like octobans or roto-toms to me, probably somewhat processed.

FWIW, I don’t hear the same instruments at all in the first piece.

Weirdest percussion “instrument” I’ve ever seen was a wooden door used by Herman’s Hermits in the song “This Door Swings Both Ways”. :slight_smile:


I think that it’s a sampled version of a slit drum.

Just thought I’d add, 172 freaking MILLION views!!