Current Rookie Running Back Class

I know it is too early to say, but it seems to me that this year’s rookie running back class has the potential to be the best ever. Let’s have a look.
Leading the pack
Matt Forte (Chicago via Tulane) - Currently fifth in overall rushing and third in yards from scrimmage.
Chris Johnson (Tennesse via East Carolina) - Currently sixth in overall rushing and eigth in yards from scrimmage.
Steve Slaton (Houston via West Virginia) - Currently tenth in overall rushing and yards from scrimmage.

Strong Potential
Felix Jones (Dallas via Arkansas) - injured much of the year, averaged almost 9 (!) yds/carry
Darren McFadden (Oakland via Arkansas) - Injured much of the year, but rushed for over 4.5 yds/carry
Kevin Smith (Detroit via Central Florida) - On a historically bad team
Ray Rice (Baltimore via Rutgers) - Averaging over 4 yds/carry on a RB by committe
Jonathan Stewart (Carolina via Oregon) - Avraging over 4.5 yds/carry on a RB by Committee

Rashard Mendenhall (Pittsburgh via Illinois) - Injured much of the yearPeyton Hillis (Denver via Arkansas) - Played well in an emergency role, primarily a fullback
Tim Hightower (Arizona via Richmond) - leads all rookies with 9 rushing TDs

What other year could we compare this to?

Well, 2004 looked pretty good after the first year.
Steven Jackson, Kevin Jones, Julius Jones all looked hot, Tatum Bell and Chris Perry were supposed to have a lot of talent, Greg Jones added yet another Jones, Michael Turner opened some eyes in San Diego (and everywhere else later). I don’t think the injuries and lack of playing time would bring down those first three until later.

I think we can’t take everything on face value, though it does have the possibility of a great RB draft.