Current Status of SDMB Upgrade

Thanks, SkipMagic.

I got a few more that I don’t think were in the collective thread.
Tool for extracting a broken light bulb? Funny and silly but yet informative.
The “Ask the…” Anthology THe 1st of several excellent collections by Idle Thoughts.
If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? The Dopes ultimate classic from before our time.
Al Sharpton is a decent man Just a really interesting debate. I thought the Dope at its best.
Are scalar weapons for real? Look for the start of a Doper meme.

Much as it pains me to say this, I agree.
vB’s search facility has always been clunky at best, and there’s no evidence that the latest version offers much in the way of improvement. We’ved lived without those threads for a while now, and can surely wait until a less flaky search solution is implemented.

Not that I expect this to be a popularity contest where the issues most complained about get preference, but I just want to second the request about the quick reply. I think I had used full reply about 5 times in my entire first year.

Please bump it high on the list.

If we’re polling at all, I would really like to see the Colors Pulldown list restored and the ability to hide the Smilies panel.

Hi, I used to be a charter member, but I let my subscription go years ago, do I get my title back, or do I have to subscribe?

The Charter Member title could only have been retained by having kept an ongoing subscription. You can re-subscribe to have a title of Member or you can remain as a Guest.

Thirded. Quick Reply also saves a lot of bandwidth, as all involved are aware.


Your subscription was restored and is now current through September 17th. Subscription payments are now working as well so you can renew at will.

Are you sure?

I clicked on "Subscribe’ to see if I’m still at the Charter rate and got this message:


Go into your User control panel. At the bottom of the left-hand sidebar is a Paid Subscriptions link.

Thanks for pointing that out. The top navigation bar’s Subscribe link had been customized in the old version and I didn’t catch it. It’s now updated and will function the same as the Paid Subscriptions link in the User Control Panel.

Ok, so I checked and my Charter rate is now the full rate.

The logic to calculate the Charter Member subscription rate as half the price of the Member rate has not been reapplied after the vBulletin version upgrade. That upgrade broke numerous customizations we had in place including the customization that calculated Charter Member subscription rates. Fortunately almost all Charter Member’s subscriptions expire in May of 2009 so there is some time yet to get the pricing corrected.

Thanks for the response, Jerry.

Jerry, just want to say thanks for the work so far. I know restoring old threads has been a project of yours and without going into the reasons why, I had to look something up that I remembered was asked in GQ eight years ago (but I couldn’t remember the answer). Anyway, I thought I’d check here, to see if that old thread still existed–and it did! I got my answer. Thanks again for the work you’ve done in restoring the old threads, as well as with the rest of the board. I very much appreciate it.

I saw your email. Thanks again! jdavis, you need a promotion, raise, nice bottle of scotch, and a baker’s dozen of beautiful women provided by the powers-that-be for the hard work you’ve done on the boards. You rock. :smiley:


Send me an e-mail at [] if you decide you want to re-subscribe. The Charter Member subscription rate of $7.48 is not in place yet so I’ll manually assist you with the re-subscription.


Is PayPal the only way to subscribe? I’ve been checking for the last few days, as my subscription is almost due, and I’m not seeing an option to just pay with a credit card. Have I missed seeing something?

Thanks for the help!

PayPal is the only payment processor we’re going to be using going forward but you can use them to purchase a subscription without having to have a PayPal account. Look for the following text on the first PayPal page:

Don’t have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue

and click the continue link. That will take you to a page where you can put in your credit card information and bypass the need to have a PayPal account.

Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.