Anyone else getting pissed off that the upgrade has stalled for 3 complete weeks?

It has been three weeks with no progress and no updates. **Ed **or **Jerry **please let us know what is going on. The search function barely works; we lost the ability to do quoted word searches with the upgrade. You know where you could search for short words that are often paired like “Ben Hur”. We lost the default search date to only 6 months and the shorter periods of search time that **TubaDiva **had added. There was a 2, 3 & 4 day ago options. There must be dozens of posters with the wrong titles.

You have asked us to be patient, I think we have been. What the hell is going on? Will the upgrade ever be completed? Is anything being worked on for the SDMB? The last update from Jerrywas

We saw some new features and then had them locked back down. The best I can say is the board is locking up a lot less than before the upgrade.
I know traffic is not up, so we can forget about the board growing over the last month. Can we please get an update?

Jim (Sorry, not much venom, but the Pit was the only place for this thread, I don’t feel like getting suspended for showing some frustration at those that run the board.)

Why, you ungrateful bastard.


I’m sure Jerry is very busy with other projects and simply has not had the time it would take to write the hacks to the vBulletin code that would be necessary for the unique server configuration we have here at the SDMB.

I didn’t notice that the search function was barely working, however, I did notice that doing a vanity search these day returns only posts where the user name in question has been mentioned specifically, rather than quoted. Was it always that way, or am I mis-remembering?

I think I sense a bit of sarcasm in this post.

I don’t think it actually did pick up a name that was just showing as who was quoted, but I don’t recall for sure.

So can I take that as a yes?

Don’t have any real severe issues. Seems like every other time I click on a thread in the Pit, I get sent to re-read Giraffe’s sticky on Pit rules. And even though Giraffe’s prose is the very epitome of clarity and probity, it begins to pall after about the 100th fucking reading!

Well, I was, but then a gust of air wafted into the room, causing the cobweb in the corner to flutter gently for a moment, which provided me with something more important to think about.

I’m all for the upgrade to get hustling again, but somewhere in one of the more recent posts from TPTB it was said that due to some of the current financial straits that CL may be finding itself in lately that Jerry has been pulled off this project to see to other projects. I doubt we’re being ignored and that the upgrade will get back on track as soon as it’s feasible.

I’m not too bothered: I’d rather he spent the time getting it right. I’ve seen too many upgrades go horribly wrong. And I’ve stalled prospective upgrades that were ill-thought out.

Me, I want to be able to see all threads again instead of only the last 200.

That may have been me in fact. Personally I’m pretty damn easy. I would settle for some sort of official update. Progress would be better, but an update is reasonable after three weeks.

The problem is from what I can see, they are not planning it out, they just aren’t working on it at all and at the same time not giving any feedback to the posters on what is going on. I think most of us our realistic. We know the economy sucks and that Creative Loafing is in bankruptcy to restructure debt. If we should expect to remain in this current limbo of the upgrade, just tell us.

That sounds awesome in theory, but it’s been my interpretation that we as a group do not react well to being told damned near anything. Sometimes I think that the administration of this board treats telling us stuff to something akin to firing a shotgun loaded with superballs into a raquetball court. Something interesting is going to happen, but god only knows whats going to come back at you and how fast and from what angle.

Fabricati Diem, Pvncti Agvnt Celeriter
(Make the Day, the Moments Pass Quickly)

I suspect we’ll be yearning for this degree of limbo as the owners progress further into bankrupty proceedings.

I can chat with my online buddies (that’s you guys); I’m good.

Do not make Happy Fun Ball angry.

I happen to like the new server, and, within reason, the upgrade. I do feel that the problems already flagged do deserve answers, and Jim’s not wrong in asking, politely, for an explanation why they, or completion of the hacks and such. are not forthcoming.

I suspect the answer has a huge amount to do with Creative Loafing having declared bankrupt6cy, and the Dope being now one of its major assets rather than a cash sink.

Ed, fair’s fair – we’ve been patient; kindly come up off an explanation, even if it’s “The suits expect stuff to happen elsewhere, and I can’t talk about it publicly.”

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to say we do appreciate what we have got. But it’s human nature to expect what we’ve been promised, or answers when it’s not forthcoming. Sound reasonable to you?

Per ardua, ad updata (through struggle to the update) :slight_smile:

Nope, not really.


Says the guy who got to keep his Charter Member title. :wink:

Yeah, I lost mine in the upgrade, and I know they’re supposed to be working on it, but I know I’m not the only one a little ticked off by the situation.