Current WALKING DEAD TV series fans: how much longer do you want the series to last?

The thread title says it all, I think. Poll in a moment or three; I need to think up some wisecracks.

Even before your poll, I’d say end it at the end of season 7.

I actually don’t know because I have very mixed feelings about the show, but maybe you should have an option related to when the original source material ends. I know they’ve diverged quite a bit, but there are still settings, themes, and characters being introduced from the comics despite the divergence.

I stopped reading the comic book on account of what they did to my Pappy. By which I mean

Stop now or be spoiled

You actually gonna read this? Okay, you’ve been warned

Glen. Oh, and Rosita. And that whole thing about Eugene biting the dude’s dick off.

ETA: Oh, and just say “source material” dude. Adding “original” makes you sound like some sort of elf.

Hard to say whether I’m still a fan or not. I enjoyed it OK until the the Governor showed up, and then Season 5 was not bad.

But I very strongly believe that the zombie apocalypse genre is not suited to ongoing never-ending series. To me, the zombie story has a very clear arc: figure out what zombies are, learn to fight them, make the sacrifice of a loved one, resolve some personal issues, come out the other side of apocalypse alive.

Zombies are not plausible as threats one episode after another for years so you have to either be implausible or become generic post-apocalypse with zombies as window dressing. I’m not a particular fan of either.

So… all of that is a long-winded way of saying that I’d be happier if each season of TWD featured an all new cast of characters. Maybe we can give the older characters a cameo in later seasons, but their story arc needs to have ended to make way for the new characters.

The zombies haven’t been the primary threat since the end of season two (which, for the record, I liked best, unlike the rest of you hosers). The presence of the zombies created the situation, but the real problems come from hu,an nature. Also the failure of every single character to shoot Fuckwit Gabriel on sight.

I’d rather see humans solving the zombie problem, frankly. This repeating “enclave looks normal at first, gets gradually revealed as crazy cult” theme has gotten tiresome. I want to see somebody build a Sport U-kill-ity Vehicle covered with gunamajigs and just clear whole neighborhoods.

I’ve been having issues with TWD since last season because of this. I ended up not watching every episode. I’m calling it “zombie exhaustion”.

For a while, I was OBSESSED with TWD. watched the first 3 seasons over and over. (I liked season 2 the best, too). I think I watched season 4 twice, and 5, only once. Not crazy about the direction it’s going in. Really don’t like what they’ve done to Rick. I don’t know, it just has lost that feeling of family they had earlier on. :frowning:

Right, and that’s pretty much why I’m not sure if I should be listed as a fan. I really enjoyed the first two seasons and watched them closely. I paid attention to some of the third and fourth but didn’t watch as closely. I only caught up with the fifth season yesterday during the marathon (but I was working on tax returns with it in the background).

I’m a current WD fan, and I want it kept going as long as it’s profitable and then another few years beyond that. Around until the actual zombpocaylse or nuclear holocaust, or sun exploding or however it actually all ends for us.

You misspelled Tara and Maggie.

No, I was naming the hit chicks.

No, I was naming the hit chicks.

Goddamn autocorrect. That should be HOT chicks.

Somebody remind me to put a hit out on Steve Jobs.

Sasha - is that the other black girl that’s not Michonne? I thought Beth was the cutest chick that’s been on the show so far (of course, her being Maggie’s sister that would have been a tad weird). :frowning:

Bit of an aside but for anyone else who liked the actress who played Beth (Emily Kinney), she has a music career on the side, and you should watch this music video of her being adorable.

I already knew about Kinney’s music career. Anyway, she us cute (tripping all my overprotective big brother instincts) and beautiful (the way a Seurrat painting us) but not hot (evocative if libido) Sasha and Michonne are hot.

And as for Maggie: nice face, but her boobs are too big.