Curry and a pint: Breakfast Of Champions

Just sayin’.

Pass on the curry. I will have that cold pizza in the fridge, though. And a pint.

I mentioned to my g/f this morning that there should be fast food for bachelours. A little place in the mall that served cold pizza.

Where you eat over a sink! :smiley:

Or at a computer, or in front of a TV.

And everything is served on a paper towel.

In an attempt to make this thread Cafe-worthy, because I’m feeling too lazy to move it to MPSIMS, I will argue that the Breakfast of Champions is what I had this morning (after the Ukulele Lady took off for a several-hour bicycle ride):

Two cups of leftover mashed potatoes stirred into some boiling homemade chicken stock from the freezer, with two eggs cracked into it so they poached.

Mother-and-Child Reunion Potato Soup.

If you have to make yourself presentable enough to go out to the mall, it’s not worth the effort.

You may be overestimating what a bachelor considers to be presentable. The only difference bewtween bachelor chow dress code at home and the mall I can see is that you should dig for the clean boxers, and put on some flipflops.

I had Pringles and a G&T.

And I’m a married female that knows how to cook, even.