I have a friend who has an 8 year old boy. She gave birth to a girl 1 and a half years later(same father).She gave her to her ex-boyfriend(not the father).He is since remarried,in a nice house,2 stepboys. Now she wants to be a part of the girls life,even thinking about getting custody. Her and her son live in a 1-bedroom apt.She never calls or writes to the girl,never helped financially…She says(you’ll love this) God is going to give her custody just because she should raise her biological daughter. I say hooey!If she had wanted her,she would’ve tried to make contact long ago. Any aspiring lawyers or others with opinions out here? Thanks.I’ll e-mail her this.

Sorry, not happening.

There are tons of ins and outs in regards to custody, but it seems to me that your friend has all the outs and none of the ins, not even that she’s contacted her daughter or had any sort of a relationship with her (as the “aunt” or the “family friend”)

If some moronic judge actually does decide in her favour, that little girl will be messed up beyond belief. I don’t recommend that she try to take custody. I do recommend that she contact her daughter’s parents, ask how she is doing, if it’s possible for her to come see her (under the guise of “a friend of the family”) and try to cultivate that kind of relationship.

When the daughter is older and starts wondering why she doesn’t look like her brothers or her parents, and old enough to “handle” the fact that she was adopted, your friend and the parents can tell her together.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

She should call in God as a character witness. I believe that to be her only chance…

Yer pal,

I would like to know how she managed to give the child to a man who was not her father, and why keep one kid and not the other?

She is severely fucked up in the head, if she gets the kid back, (and legally she probably can, as the kid is not his,) you should be merciful and take the little girl out and blow her head off.

It wouldn’t suprise me one whit to find out the mother was able to get her child back. Speaking from personal experience, it is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to keep a biological mother from being with her child, no matter what the situation is. If she made no custody agreement with this guy, he’s most likely screwed, not to mention the poor little girl.

Sounds like she abandoned the child long ago. The “father” should file to terminate her parental rights based on abandonment and legally adopt her. (He should have done this years ago)
I would be surprised if this woman could get her back after 6 1/2 years of complete abandonment. She wouldn’t be much of a mother to try.

From what I know,the guy has guardianship.He has never adopted,because she won’t sign or he never raised the money.But he is in Alabama now,and is going for legal paternity.Because of the length of time he’s raised her,appartently Alabama law is somewhat diff than Ohio.I’d asked lawyers,but they say it’s really up in the air,I guess it would be up to the judge.Thanks for your answers,I’ll give her this,but she’ll disregard it. He is also my friend,and a much nicer one.

Oh,she was living with others who said that 1 child was okay,but she couldn’t stay there with 2 kids.Unfortunately her father,who could have afforded it,never let her come to stay with him at the time. Sad. My dad would’ve done anything to have helped me :frowning: